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  • A true actor! One of the best in the business!

    John Schneider is not only a terrific actor, he loves what he does. He is a wonderful family man, and is a role model to everyone out there. It is truly an honor to be his editor on this site. John is also a Christian, and is not ashamed to say so. That is one of the things I admire about him the most. He may be in between projects right now, but I know we'll be seeing alot more of this awesome actor!
  • The DUKES are GREAT. Their production company sis another storry.

    Slidell, La. February 26, 2014, The Production management for a commercial staring THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, authorized a PRESS Photojournalist access and provided a nondisclosure agreement for the Press Photojournalist to photograph without any restrictions while the filming of the commercial was taking place. However without reason or cause, the Production management threatened the Photojournalist with arrest if he did not turn over his digital photos to the Production management infringing upon the rights of FREE PRESS and other constitutional issues. Only after threat of detention and arrest by them and the St Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office did the Photojournalist release his digital photos under extreme duress and huge monetary loss for his work product. That Photojournalist is currently seeking possible remedy for this possible illegal and un-constructional actions of the Production management. This in no way infringes upon the great THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, only the Production management making the commercial that they were in at 400 Garrett Road today. Further details will follow. Freedom of the press, stealing press photos, denying press to public ride away. This is the Gestapo style of government. Is this what we are headed for??? I have purposely not stated the name of the advertising company, actual production company or the actual persons involved, YET.
  • The Duke of Kent

    John Schneider was on the “Dukes of Hazzard” for a successful run. Now he is Jonathan Kent on “Smallville”. In between he recorded and released a number of hit records and raised a family. Any one of these would be a good career for any man.

    When he was first cast, critics thought Mr. Schneider was too young to play Clark’s father, as Jonathan Kent has often been portrayed as elderly. His performance has won over all critics. This is the type of father that could mold a superhuman alien into Earth’s greatest hero.
  • Where would Clark be without his dad?

    John Schneider plays the role of Jonathan Kent, Clark\'s dad, in Smallville. Starring alongside Annette O\'Toole (Martha Kent). Jonathan Kent is the main person Clark looks up to and seeks advice from. Even though Schneider\'s character has no powers he is still able to keep Clark on the straight and narrow. Schneider is there to clarify the moral of some of the things Clark goes through, not only to Clark but also to the audience. Schneider acts the part of a protective farther that has realised that it is time to let go very well. He is a strong role moral for Clark and a credit to the show!
  • Is a good choice for Smallville

    Jonathon Kent the father of Clark Kent aka Superman. John Schneider I think played the father for Clark very well. I believe he helped build up Clark for becoming a man and to be the man he will be for the future. John has done some very good movies before like Night of the Twisters and many others. I wish the best for him in the future.
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  • He played many characters but my favorite is Bo Duke.

    He sang, he played many roles, and on six series and many different guest starring roles. But the one I will remember him most for was his first. He as an 18 year old kid played a southern good old boy who ran moonshine and drank when he couldn't even drink in real life, drove fast cars, and shot a bow and arrow. He played Bo Duke on the 'Dukes of Hazzard'. He was the younger of the Duke boys. He did most of the driving. He even in one episode had to have Amnesia and did things out of his character (he became the guy he tired to fight against crooked politician's Boss Hogg's son). He could also fake a fight in 'My Diary' or he could show how much he cared for people in 'Brotherly Love' when Luke gets hurt and almost dies and in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Luke Duke' when he doesn't want to see his cousin go to jail so he kicks the gun away from him to save him. He was also an accomplished singer, which he showed on the show in some episodes with his cousin Luke.
  • Good actor...

    As many or all of you may know John schneider fom the dukes of hazzard. But I know him best when he played clark's father Jonathan Kent off of smallville. I think him and Tom Wopat were the best parts in the dukes of hazzard, well they had to be because they are the main characters. I think I like his role on smallville a little bit better. In season 5 of the dukes of hazzard he wasn't in it because, well I don't really know why. In season 5 of smallville he was killed of. I'm starting to think that 5 is his unlucky number. He is my second favorite TV actor and he is one of the all time greats. later...
  • in love with him at 7

    he was such a major crush of mine as akid, and as I find out, a lot closer to my ge thn I thought.. he was such a cutie on the Dukes of Hazard, and so sexy on Smallvlle when he died, I cried.. he is one of my all time ever faves..good actor, and sooo cute it hurts to this day
  • Great Actor

    He is recently known to television audiences as Jonathan Kent, the adoptive father of Clark Kent on the hit show Smallville, starring in 110 episodes before his character was killed off. Schneider also directed episodes of Smallville, including S3E20, Talisman, which received a respectable 8.8 rating out of 10 on Some Smallville episodes contain references to Schneider's other work in The Dukes of Hazzard. Schneider also guest starred for the latter half of Smallville: Season 5 in the episodes 'Void' and 'Oracle. Schneider has appeared in many Films and TV Series such as the miniseries 10.5. He had a recurring role on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and guest-starred on such shows as Diagnosis Murder, Touched by an Angel, JAG and Walker, Texas Ranger. He also appeared in the off-Broadway play The Civil War as a Confederate soldier.
  • Great Dad to Clark

    Jonathon Kent the father of Clark Kent aka Superman. John Schneider I think played the father for Clark very well. I believe he helped build up Clark for becoming a man and to be the man he will be for the future. John has done some very good movies before like Night of the Twisters and many others. I wish the best for him in the future. And I hope he can land a good acting job somewhere else.
  • One of my favorite characters on smallville.

    He was one of my favorite characters in smallville. He was a great rolemoddle. He was always there for Clark. Without him I don't know how Clark would have turned out. He also saved Clark somany times when Clark could'nt save himeself, he even saved Clark from himself. When he died in Reckoning that was the best and worst episode ever. There was so much just pulling into the episode not knowing what was going to happen and being scared at the same time, but it was the saddiest episode ever. When he died it was the saddiest had ever felt on the show I almost started bowling. I honestly don't know what Clark would have done without him he was a great character, person, husband, and father!
  • He's Bo Duke!

    John Schneider is so talented. He's perfect for the role of Bo Duke in "The Dukes of Hazzard." Bo and Luke are my favorite characters from the TV show. I honestly like both of them equally but in different ways. I like Bo because he's a lot like me. He acts before he thinks. And he's a dare devil like Luke but not as much. Not only that but he's the youngest of the family. Bo has Uncle Jesse, Daisy, and Luke to watch out for him to make sure that he doesn't get into any trouble. I'm the youngest in my family too and my family watches out for me a lot. Another reason I like Bo is because he's cute. His curly blonde hair and his baby blue eyes just makes me wanna melt. Another reason I like Bo is because of the relationship that he has with Luke. I've never had a relationship like that with anyone and I just love seeing the love and care between the two boys. "The Dukes of Hazzard" is the best TV show ever! Nothing can top it! John Schneider along with Tom Wopat makes it worth watching.
  • He is a great actor.

    Every since I started to watch Dukes of Hazzard I fall I love with John Schneider. In my opinon, he is a very talented actor, and a great singer. I think he is a great person. He seems like if you ran into him on the street would stop, and talk to you. To me he seem like a down to earth kind of a guy. If I could only met on actor out of the Dukes show I would pick him.
  • I really like Jon Schneider. He is so cool.

    He is so cool. I love the way he played Bo in "Dukes of Hazzard" and Jonathan Kent in "Smallville." I watch "Dukes of Hazzard" on CMT and he looked so cute as the part of Bo and he kinda did look cute in "Smallville." I loved that he was in the movie twister. He is such a great actor. I was so happy to see him hosting the "CMT 20 Greatest Country Comedies." I thought he was quite funny when he was talking about #4 (Dukes of Hazzard). He also has some good songs. I can't really think of much else to say about him except that I think he is really cool.
  • Amazing...

    John Schneider should be a house hole name. He had played sooo many important and long lasting rolls. Dukes, will never be forgotten (helped by the remake), and the fact that the original was the best. Smallville, how amazing. That role is a completely different than \"Dukes\". I can\'t wait to see what else John can do with his amazing talent!
  • john is my favorite celebrity. He seems so nice and down to earth. he's sexy too. I think there should be a lot more of john on tv!

    John Schneider is awsome! He is a very good actor. His sense of humor is somewhat subtle and clean, I like that. Ofcourse he is extremely good looking and sexy! The dukes of hazzard and smallville are among my favorite shows. I think John is fantastic in both of them. I also believe that he did an excellent job in "Christmas Comes To Willow Creek", "Felicity" and "Night of the Twisters". I think John is absolutely wonderful and I wish we could see him in even more tv shows and movies.
  • My dream to for John Schneider to have a "WELCOME HOME" concert for all the soldiers coming home from Iraq in February 2009 here on Folk Polk Military Base in Louisiana. My husband SGT. Alexander is now serving his last seven of 15 months in Iraq.

    I have admired all the work John Schneider has been doing over the past thirty years. His work on television, in the movies, his singing career and most importantly his work with the Childrens Miracle network. I have always wanted to go to a Dukesfest with my family as we have four children. Maybe someday I can introduce my entire family to John. I have seen so many beautiful photos of his children and wife and I know that they are all happy to have him as a father and husband. Read my blog on how we met and how he saved my life when I was a teenaged runaway in Hollywood in the 1980s. American Heroes

    America has so many heroes.
    Many, we know not their names,
    They are policemen and firemen,
    Soldiers and boxers.
    Most, with no Hollywood fame.
    Heroes come from all walks of life,
    From every race, religion, and creed.
    Helping citizens in trouble,
    Assisting those in desperate need.
    I have had many heroes
    Throughout my entire life,
    My parents, my siblings, my kids, even strangers
    And a hero who's made me his wife.
    How fortunate we are who love our country,
    Giving unconditionally,
    How fortunate I am to be an American
    Whom someone's hero is me. Cheryl Alexander
  • John Schneider is a great actor, one of the best, and should always be remembered for touching the life of so many people.

    John Schneider is one of the best actors out there. He played Bo Duke which was the funniest of the Dukes of Hazzard, and although I'm not a big fan of that show, I think John did a great job playing Bo Duke.

    I really liked his role on Smallville, and I think that no one could have played Jonathan Kent better than John Schneider, and I was really pissed when he was killed in the Reckoning episode, I think he had a lot to offer to the show and it's just not the same without him. John Schneider is a very versatile actor, he went from the nice Jonathan Kent on Smallville, to the pornographer Ram Peters on Nip/Tuck and I believe that is a really good that he's proving that he can play more characters than just nice guys, he's just really good at what he does, and he is not only a really talented actor, he is also a really good singer, I'm not a country fan but his songs are very catchy and he has a great voice.

    Not only John Schneider is a great actor and singer, but he is also a great person, he's a great role model, a very down to earth guy, he really cares about his family, he's a co-founder of the Children's Miracle Network which helped a lot of sick kids and that says a lot about his character.

    I couldn't remember a negative thing to say about him, even if I tried, and it's really nice to know that there are still people like that. I wish him the best of luck in his life and hope he accomplishes all of his goals.

    Keep it real John.
    Don't ever change.

  • I can't get enough of his characters!

    He is one of the best actors of all time and will be that way for an extremely long time. My favorite character that he played is Bo Duke, he did an awesome job playing him and should've gotten a global awards show award and an award for being on one of the best TV shows of all time! The Dukes of Hazzard! I don't care what anyone thinks it is and will always be the best TV show ever! YEEHAW! He will go down in history as a legendary actor, I just know he will and he will be most remembered for his role in The Dukes of Hazzard! YEEHAW! I hope to see him and get his autograph soon!
  • I just love John. He is just an exceptional actor and person. He's just so down to earth.

    I just love John. He is just an exceptional actor and person. He's just so down to earth. I watched Dukes of Hazzards re-runs growing up and I always loved him on that show. When I saw that he was in Smallville from the Pilot episode, I thought, awesome...the best of both worlds.
    I just cried my eyes out when his character was killed off the show. He will be sorely missed; tremendous actor. I am glad though, that the writers gave him a great farewell in the episode, what a way to go. I'm sure he will have plenty of projects coming up, but I will miss seeing him on Smallville every Thursday. We Love you John!
  • He is a great actor and one of my role models please read on

    John schneider has been an inspiring actor to me.

    He shows pride in the work he does and he shows it well which is a good thing for all actors and actresses should have.

    He is also very talented at bring life to the character he needs to play which only makes the show 10 times as real as reality is.

    He shows an amazing amount of talent. He was able to go from Bo duke to Jack hatch ( night of the twisters) to Jonathan Kent in a matter of years which is remarkable. Those characters I just listed are all very oppisite of each other.

    I also read that he started the childrens miracle network and that has saved so many lives.

    God bless him, he did something with his spare time in which he could have gone on and done other things in time but instead he started the childrens miracle network.

    I also heard he was overweight as a child, He lost alot of weight before starting on the Dukes of hazzard.

    I hope he continues his work as an incredible actor and I also hope he does well in life.

    - suekosa
  • I think that John is a very talented and good by far an actor, still retains his good looks although in his 40\\\'s.i\\\'d liketo see more of him in better suited roles.he has maintained in my view a positive role for younger people with his charities, a

    a general nice guy, a very talented and down to earth type married has three cdhildren, and hasn\\\'t adopted that sort of celerbity light a very positive man with very strong convictions same aplys to Tom Wopat who teamed with John was a great team, the Dukes basicaly was slapstick
  • John Schneider, in 50 words or less, I miss you, I love you, I thank you. My husband thanks you, my four beautiful kids thanks you for touching the life of their mom and wife 25 years ago.

    I have been carrying this note written from John Schneider, dated June 10, 1997. It has been in my purse since the day I recieved it.

    It was sent to me by a ex who is also an actor in Hollywood and worked with John on the set of \"Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman\".

    I met John in 1979 when I was a runaway teen trespassing on the Burbank Studio lot.

    I mistakenly walked on the Hazzard County set during filming. By the time I got to the (courthouse\", John was taking a break, sipping on a cup of coffee and walking in my direction. Behind me was a motorcycle security guard fast approaching me. My stomache was in knots as I knew trouble was following me.

    John and I crossed paths just as the guard pulled up to me. I was so scared, I couldn\'t look in the direction of the motorcycle when he yelled for to me to stop.

    I\'d guess the look of desperation on my face gave John the quick thinking idea to save me. John spoke fast and yelled to the guard , She\'s with me.\"

    Those were the nicest three words I\'d heard in a very long time.

    I\'d been in Hollywood for only two weeks. Left my home and family in New Orleans. Caught the Grayhound bus with a one way ticket and seven dollars in my pocket. I was in search of Shaun Cassidy and the American dream.

    After the guard left, John and I shook hands in an official introduction. He invited me to watch the Dukes of Hazzard being filmed. He introduced me to the cast then offered me his directors chair.

    I remember sitting in it proudly, like I was suddenly crowned Queen of Hazzard County. The chair had John Schneider monogramed on the back and pockets on each side that hung halfway to the ground which housed his script.

    I don\'t think I laughed as much in my life as I did watching Bo and Luke being chased by Roscoe in the General Lee.

    When they broke for lunch I decided to say goodbye to John and thank him for his kindness.

    John invited me back and said if I had any trouble at the gate just call for him on the set and I\'d get in, no problem.

    John, really had no clue what he had done for me. I was a lost soul when I walked on that studio lot.

    I had no friends, I was home sick and lonely. Depressed from an interview I had with Actor Cornel Wilde when I went on my first casting call the day before. And to top it off, I had a big fight with a live in relative of my new boss just that morning.

    While waiting for the bus to Hollywoodland where I lived as a housekeeper and nanny for the family of Director Robert Lieberman I met a runaway. His bed just happened to be the bench I was occupying. He was a teen about the same age as I. 19. He told me how to sneak on the studio lots without getting caught. That was how my mission started at Burbank Studios.

    John showed me compassion that I had not had in years. I was a stranger in trouble and he came to my rescue.

    The next time I went back to the studio I went straight to the guard shack and had them call John to ok my visit.

    This time they were in a big wharehouse like studio. Not outside as they were the first time.

    When John and mine eyes met he was way across on the other side of the room finishing a taping. He looked at me and smiled. Then he raised up his arms and held them high across the room til we were face to face. John leaned over and gave me a hug. The tightest bear hug I had ever experienced. He literally lifted me off the floor and he said hello to me and how nice it was to see me.

    The feeling I got from that hug was powerful to say the least. I had awakened on the wrong side of the bed that day but after that hug I was dancing on air.

    When they started filming again, I watched them til the next cut and had to leave to find the bathroom.

    Walking in the bathroom I recognized actress Jane Wyman at the sink washing her hands. I recognized her from the television show \"Falcon Crest\" and followed her to the set in hopes to get a glimpse of Lorenzo Lamas.

    He was more handsome then I ever imagined him to be. I was too scared to talk to him but I\'ll never forget the chill I felt when he smiled at me.

    I didn\'t feel comfortable inside that set so I quickly left.

    Mr. Cornel Wilde wasn\'t impressed with me during our interview that day and told me to go back to New Orleans.
    He told me, I\'d never become an actress.

    He pushed me down one day and the next John picked me up.

    I decided to join an acting school. The Theatre of Performing and Related Arts on Wilshire in Los Angeles.

    Within a month I was cast to work in a Coca Cola commercial with Ray Parker. Soon after I was cast to be a roller skater in the movie \"Roller Boogie\" with Linda Blair and within a few months I had a character role in the movie \"Fullmoon High\" with Adam Arkin and worked several episodes of the television show \"Making a Living \" with Actress Ann Jillian.

    After my last day of filming \"Making a Living\". I wrote a note to Mr. Cornel Wilde telling him how I had become an actress and told him of all my accomplishments since our interview.

    During the time I was cast to work in the movie \"Beastmaster\" I recieved a letter personally from Mr. Wilde. It was a letter of apology. He also congratuated me for jobs well done.

    I turned down the work in \"Beastmaster\" because I was really acting to prove a point. After Mr. Wildes letter, I did not continue my studying at Theatre of Arts nor did go on anymore casting calls.

    In the beginning I would go to the studio to see John and the Dukes film two or three times a week. Whenever I was feeling down and I had a bad day. I\'d go the see John.
    No matter where he was when he first saw me he\'d hold up his arms and keep them raised til we were face to face and he\'d again give me a big teddy bear hug lifting me off the ground.

    The more I started liking myself, the less I was going to the studio. The more love I felt, the less I needed that hug.

    At one point, it had been months since I\'d seen John. When I went to the set, he smiled at me as if I was a long time school friend coming to see him. He lifted me up high, hugged me as and said, \"Were ya been? and How are you?\"

    I hadn\'t been going to the set because I started working as a volunteer at a hospital in Hollywood as a Candy Striper and also volunteering at Hollywood Community Services helping them deliver meals to the homes of the poor and shut ins.

    When Hollywood Community Services got the call to turn a home donated to them on Beachwood Drive into a Runaway Shelter. I was there to help them clear the house and transform it to OPTIONS HOUSE.

    The same runaway teen I had met on that bus bench turned out to be one of OPTIONS HOUSE first teens to reside in that house.

    I remember the last time I went to see John and the Dukes being filmed Enos was getting ready to film his own show. He invited me to watch his show being filmed as well.

    An entire year had past almost and what a diffence a year made for me.

    The first time I walked on that lot I was lonely, alone, depressed and homesick.

    The last time I saw John and the Dukes film I was happy, still working for the Liebermans, seperately this time. I was still living in Hollywoodland with Mrs. Lieberman and her two kids and working as a housekeeper for Robert and his partner Ed Shapiro.

    I was also working for Director John McTiernan at the time as a housekeeper for he and his wife and volunteering at three different places helping the poor, sick, elderly and runaways.

    On my last day at the studio as I was about to enter the exit gates I recongized actor Sidney poitier walking across my path.

    When I stopped to say hello he invited me to watch him direct the movie \"Stir Crazy\" with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder.

    What an adventure I had that year. I also met Greg Evigan and Jack Klugman at the Universal Studios and watched B.J and the Bear and \"Quincy\" bing filmed. I met the cast of \"Love Boat\" and met many, many actors.

    Nomatter what show I watched or what actor I met. Nothing or no one compared to watching Boss Hogg, Crazy Cooter, Uncle Jessy, Enos, Daisy, and the Duke boys and getting bear hugs from John Schneider.
  • Bo Kent :D

    What can ya say about the fabulous John Schneider that hasn't been said already? He's gorgeous, talented, and kind.
    Anette O'Tool said it best when she said that John Schneider made plaid sexy, both as Jonathan Kent and as Bo Duke.
    You know family's important to this man when he says that he bases Jonathan Kent's personality on Denver Pyle, Uncle Jesse on the Dukes, and because he's forever talking about his family...the way it should be.

    WTG Mr. Schneider!