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  • He played many characters but my favorite is Bo Duke.

    He sang, he played many roles, and on six series and many different guest starring roles. But the one I will remember him most for was his first. He as an 18 year old kid played a southern good old boy who ran moonshine and drank when he couldn't even drink in real life, drove fast cars, and shot a bow and arrow. He played Bo Duke on the 'Dukes of Hazzard'. He was the younger of the Duke boys. He did most of the driving. He even in one episode had to have Amnesia and did things out of his character (he became the guy he tired to fight against crooked politician's Boss Hogg's son). He could also fake a fight in 'My Diary' or he could show how much he cared for people in 'Brotherly Love' when Luke gets hurt and almost dies and in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Luke Duke' when he doesn't want to see his cousin go to jail so he kicks the gun away from him to save him. He was also an accomplished singer, which he showed on the show in some episodes with his cousin Luke.