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  • My dream to for John Schneider to have a "WELCOME HOME" concert for all the soldiers coming home from Iraq in February 2009 here on Folk Polk Military Base in Louisiana. My husband SGT. Alexander is now serving his last seven of 15 months in Iraq.

    I have admired all the work John Schneider has been doing over the past thirty years. His work on television, in the movies, his singing career and most importantly his work with the Childrens Miracle network. I have always wanted to go to a Dukesfest with my family as we have four children. Maybe someday I can introduce my entire family to John. I have seen so many beautiful photos of his children and wife and I know that they are all happy to have him as a father and husband. Read my blog on how we met and how he saved my life when I was a teenaged runaway in Hollywood in the 1980s. American Heroes

    America has so many heroes.
    Many, we know not their names,
    They are policemen and firemen,
    Soldiers and boxers.
    Most, with no Hollywood fame.
    Heroes come from all walks of life,
    From every race, religion, and creed.
    Helping citizens in trouble,
    Assisting those in desperate need.
    I have had many heroes
    Throughout my entire life,
    My parents, my siblings, my kids, even strangers
    And a hero who's made me his wife.
    How fortunate we are who love our country,
    Giving unconditionally,
    How fortunate I am to be an American
    Whom someone's hero is me. Cheryl Alexander