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  • He is a great actor and one of my role models please read on

    John schneider has been an inspiring actor to me.

    He shows pride in the work he does and he shows it well which is a good thing for all actors and actresses should have.

    He is also very talented at bring life to the character he needs to play which only makes the show 10 times as real as reality is.

    He shows an amazing amount of talent. He was able to go from Bo duke to Jack hatch ( night of the twisters) to Jonathan Kent in a matter of years which is remarkable. Those characters I just listed are all very oppisite of each other.

    I also read that he started the childrens miracle network and that has saved so many lives.

    God bless him, he did something with his spare time in which he could have gone on and done other things in time but instead he started the childrens miracle network.

    I also heard he was overweight as a child, He lost alot of weight before starting on the Dukes of hazzard.

    I hope he continues his work as an incredible actor and I also hope he does well in life.

    - suekosa