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    • John: I have four kids, so it's not very difficult. There is an authority that was dealt to me by the people I work with. Not that my parents didn't have authority, but when I first got into television with The Dukes of Hazzard, I had Jimmy Best, Denver Pyle, and many older gentlemen who would never pussyfoot around an issue. So, I was kind of raised on that, and that's what I think I bring to Jonathan Kent pretty naturally.

    • John: (About Collier and Co.) Hollywood doesn't have a lot of respect for Dukes of Hazzard fans, so I had to make this movie myself.

    • John: The sole purpose of my production company is to work on shows with strong family values.

    • John Schneider: (about his character on Smallville) You'd find a lot of similarities between Jonathan Kent and John Schneider. Totally. I'm a very loving, but strict parent. [I] had fun on Smallville, and I have fun with my kids as well. I think you need to play with them, as much as you correct them. But, I'm a parent; I'm not a pal.

    • John Schneider: (about the 100th episode of Smallville, which was John's character was killed off) Doing it, it felt like our best show. And I thought that the Smallville pilot was the best hour of television I'd ever seen. This, I think, beats it.

    • Schneider (on acting): There are two things that are constant in Hollywood: pollen and John Schneider.

    • John Schneider : Superman is a defender of all that is right, and he gets that, by God, from his father, and I like that.

    • John : It's very bittersweet... but in order for Clark Kent to become Superman, he's going to need to fill the shoes of someone. He needs to attempt to fill the void in his life [caused] by the loss of someone very important

    • John Scneider : I just told Seann he did a really good job as Bo, ... He's got that wild-man thing going, which is what we had when we first started the show.

    • John Schneider: (On "Smallville") Our strongest show in the 4th season was weaker than our weakest show this [fifth] season.