John Schuck

John Schuck


2/4/1940, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Birth Name

Conrad John Schuck


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John Schuck is well known for his roles as Sgt. Charles Enright in the 1976 TV Series "McMillan & Wife" and as Herman Munster in the 1988 series "The Munsters Today". Schuck intrestingly enough had a starring role as The Frankenstein monster in the 1979 film "The Halloween…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • John Schuck-truly one of the best unheraled actors of our time.

    With the lack of good murder mysteries occupying prime time today I find myself watching more and more nostalgic TV DVD's. Without a doubt one of my all time favorites is McMillan and Wife.A great mystery always combined with good old fashioned, true passionate love between a husband and wife sleuth team.Rock Hudson stars as the husband/Police Commissioner Stewart"Mac"McMillan and Susan Saint James as the wife who helps solve many of the mystery crimes at hand.

    However,one character that catches my attention in this delightful series is the police commisioner's right hand man,Sgt.Charles Enright, played by John Schuck. He is both charming and handsome while he plays the part of the ever loyal Sgt. to the Police Commissioner. His acting is superb as he allows Mac to shine as the star of the show, but those who look closely can surely see that Sgt.Enright(John Schuck)is most definetly the diamond in the rough.moreless
  • John Schuck as Herman Munster on "The Munsters Today" (1988).

    John Schuck played Herman Munster (2) on the 1988 remake of the original show.

    John easily made the role his own as a more charasmatic and compassionate Herman Munster with that ever known heart of gold. You can really feel the love on the set with this actor - as its clear he is doing what he's always wanted to: play the part.

    John is fondly spoken of by fellow actors and colleagues, and additionally is a family man who has time for everyone, even fans!moreless