John Scurti

John Scurti

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John Martin Scurti, John M. Scurti
  • Kenny 'Lou' Shea (John Scurti) on Rescue...
  • John Scurti on Rescue Me.
  • John Scurti as Lt. Kenny 'Lou' Shea in R...
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John Scurti got his start guest-appearing in television series such as 'Law and Order,' 'Murphy Brown,' and 'Spin City.' He went on to the New york fireman drama, 'Rescue Me' and the big-budget theatrical film 'War of the Worlds.'


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  • Brings so much to Rescue Me

    Scurti, who has worked with Leary in the past movie The Ref, is a wonderful actor. His portrayl of Lt. Kenny Shea, or "Lou" in Rescue Me is supberb. In the sea of talent in that show he is second only to Leary himself. Whether Scurti is delivering a perfectly timed joke, or a heart wrenching dramatic preformance, it is always very convincing. I wish John Scurti would show up in more movies, last picture he was seen in was War of the Worlds, playing the ferry capatain. Scurti has unbelievable talent and deserves more recognition.moreless