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    • John: I'm not drawn to political roles per se, but people see you in one way and that's the way they want to cast you. I'd like to do something different, actually. I'd like to take a break from wearing a suit and tie. It isn't who I am. I'd like to do dark comedy, someone a little more emotionally available and less pulled together.

    • John: The fewer people who are allowed to make creative decisions, the better. In the network situation, there are so many decisions that seem so ridiculous. It's not that there aren't any smart people in network TV, but there's so many people paid to make decisions that have no business making them.

    • John: (on acting in the nude) It was the first job I've ever gotten in New York, with Nathan Lane. You know, it was a big deal. I remember being on a pay phone standing on Eighth Avenue, being told that I got the job and hanging up and saying, "Holy s--t, I have to take my clothes off." It was embarrassing. My father came to see it, and he was sitting in the front row and you could hear him clearing his throat, slinking down in his chair.

    • John: (on his first Emmy nomination) I was nervous at the prospect of getting up and having to say anything in front of a group of people. Not really nervous, though. It's a pleasant surprise.

    • John: (on the 60th Annual Primetime Emmys where he's nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama) I don't even know what to expect. The red carpet makes me nervous.

    • John: (about working on "Mad Men") It's the best job I've ever had! Every time I read a script, [Roger] always has something to say that I can't wait to do.

    • John: (on playing Roger Sterling in the shortened season one of "Mad Men") I finally find a [role] I want to keep playing and it ends so quickly.

    • John: (on playing characters with political power) They see you do one thing and think, 'That guy can play a politician!'. It has nothing to do with me. I am not a leader of men.

    • John: (on playing Dennis Martino on "Ed") Yeah, I play the d--- head who spoils everything, then leaves. But it's perfect for somebody with a short attention span. Signing on to an open-ended TV show scares me.