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    • While attending University Shool in Cleveland, John Sloan played soccer and baseball.

    • John Sloan's first acting role was in a community-theater production of The Music Man.

    • John Sloan attended Moreland Elementary School and Shaker Heights Middle School.

    • John Sloan played the character "Aron Ackerman" in the Sci Fi Channel miniseries The Triangle.

    • John Sloan is a 1991 graduate of University School, in Cleveland Ohio.

    • John Sloan: (About working on the set for the movie Returning Mickey Stern) Tom Bosley was fun to be around; I spent a lot of time around him, and he's just an old pro. It was sort of a novice crew of filmmakers…well, the director was a first-time director, so things get a little casual and can sort of get kind of loosey-goosey, and he was always right there after a few minutes of people sort of goofing around to say, 'Okay, let's do this!' And everyone would snap to attention and get to work. So that was sort of fun to watch.

    • John Sloan: (About getting the part in the movie Returning Mickey Stern) In the search for work, you find yourself in some strange situations, and I think that's the best thing I can say. All of a sudden, you look up and you think, 'Man, I must really want to work. What am I doing here?' However you get it, though, whatever works, that's fine; getting the job is the most important thing…and if just so happens that a thousand people had to vote for me on the internet, so be it. It turned out to be a fun movie and a good experience. I don't think I'd want to do it again.

    • John Sloan: (About doing guest star spots on TV shows) Doing guest spots on television is great work, although it's hard because you come onto a set where everyone knows each other and have probably been working together for at least a little while, and they're in a flow and a routine. It's kind of like the first day of school, over and over and over again, with each new job. So you kind of have to develop a tough skin for that and not be shy. You have to be the outgoing guy and make friends quickly.

    • (on being a struggling actor) John Sloan: I have been the textbook struggling actor for awhile! I have done any number of different jobs. Of course, I worked in restaurants, I New York, I worked for an apartment-cleaning service, so I cleaned apartments for awhile.

    • John Sloan: (on auditioning as an actor) Sometimes you're in a very small office, and there are fifteen executives piled onto the window ledge and the couches and on the armrests of chairs, all staring at you and waiting for you to be hilarious, waiting for you to be their next hit.

  • Quotes

    • John Sloan: (Comparing his life to his character in the television series Happy Hour) I think there are similarities between me and Henry Beckman. I think I could relate to Henry moving from Missouri to Chicago because of when I moved from Cleveland to New York City. Cleveland is a big town, but there's no town bigger than New York. So no matter where you're from, your first moment in New York City can be jaw-dropping.