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  • Full House

    Hi, Every night when I watch Full House Uncle Jessie really makes me laugh. I love watching the re-run's of Full House.
  • Full House

    I need your CD I am Hugh fan John I need a CD from Jesse and the Rippers CD for me OK this from John Hannan thank you
  • Greay Guy

    My Coworker was lucky enough to attend a taping of Full House. He met all the actors except for the Olson twins, as they were just babies at the time. He said Bog Saget and Dave Coulier (spelling?) were rude potty mouths. But he said John Stamos from a "great guy". He said he was very open and friendly. He also said that he is even better lookng in person.
  • John Stamos

    He is a great actor and always has been a very handsome man!
  • Good actor.

    Love him as "Uncle Jesse" on "Full House".
  • John Stamos is hot and will always be hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love John Stamos. John is like a good wine, he just gets better with age. I really love is tv movie from 1990 call "Born to Ride". John also does the best and the most respectful impersonation of Elvis Presley of all time. He also has a gorgeous singing voice and he is also such a great actor. It also doesn't hurt anything that he is a part-time drummer for my fave non-christian group The Beach Boys. I really love it when he says "Have Mercy". I sure hope that he finds another woman and becomes a father because I know that would be some beautiful babies.
  • One-dimensional.

    John Stamos' role in ER is well over his head. The Pratt character was much like Stamos' Gates character. However, the actor portrayiing Pratt was able to provide his character with depth and soulful charisma. Stamos lacks the ability to broaden his character or illicit a reason for the viewer to invest interest in Gates. As badly as the character is written, a talented actor can still derive meaning and some sort of virtue to his interpretation. Stamos is relying too much on his sex appeal rather than talent to advance this character. As for me, I think he lacks both talent and sex appeal. Drama is not the appropriate genre for Stamos. He should go back to sitcoms. There is a reason why his shows after Full House have not done well. He can't seem to grow out of his Uncle Jesse role.
  • wow! he is the hottest man alive! i always told myself i would marry him one day. hahaha.

    if i ever met John Stamos, i think i would either cry or just wrestle him for his autograph. he was the hottest man when he was plating jesse on full house and he still doesnt look bad either. i watch every show he is interviewed on and people call me his stalker. i know when his birthday is, his first shows, when he was married. what can i say, i am in love with him!!! he played at our park concert two years ago, and he left right after so i never got the chance to meet him. i go to his high school, cypress, and i always say, "this is where john stood" i know. what a nerd, right? but he's my idol and i love him!
  • He's okay but isn't great.

    I mean i like his character on full house which was jessie.
    Other than that show i never seen him on any thing else and really didn't interest me. He's cute but i think is over rated on his looks. He kinda seems like a player and ain't he kinda old to be like that. Every now and then you see him in the audience of a award shows. Haven't seen him in any movies and may he has been in some but just had a bad reating or some thing. All in all he is an above average actor.
  • john stamos is the most charming man that ever walked the earth!

    john stamos is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot! he was sooooooooooooooo good at playing jesse katsopolis in full house and now he plays dr. tony gates on er, which he also rocks at! john is also a very good singer! forever was a awesome song and the music video was AWESOME! i think he sould continue to act and sing until he cant do it any more! i dont think i could like him anymore than i already do! he is so so so so so so so so so so hot! i am probably the youngest john stamos fan! he totally rocks!
  • A talented performer who is able to play various roles and characters.

    It is very nice to see John back on a program whereby he can continue in the profession and receive the acknowledgement he rightfully deserves. I feel that he has been underrated and overlooked in this profession. It is refreshing to see someone be very picky about the roles he chooses and maintain integrity and eithics along the way. Here is hoping that he continues to broaden his horizons and get the recognition he rightfully deserves and has a happy and peaceful life. I look forward to seeing him in other roles and movies because he has the making to be a movie star as well as TV star.
  • One of my favorite actors of this time...

    John Stamos is one of the most memorable actors since I was growing up throughout the 90s. Of course, his role on Full House as Uncle Jessie has stuck to me as his most memorable role while growing up, but he soon seemed to fade a bit when the late 1990s, early 2000s rolled around. I was extremely happy when I found out that he would be coming back to TV as Tony Gates on ER! So far, he has been one of my favorite doctors/medical professionals ever to star on ER! Stamos is by far one of the most talented [TV] actors of the past few decades! I really look forward to see his developing future on ER as the last couple seasons of the show come to a close. Although, I believe ER will not be the end of Stamos...there will most likely be much, much more on the horizon for one of the best TV actors of my time!
  • I like john stamos on full house.He is my favorite actor.He plays jesse on full house. I know alot of stuff about him.Full house rules and so does john stamos!

    I like john stamos on full house.He is my favorite actor.He plays jesse on full house.I know alot of stuff about him.Like when he was born and how old he is today.I know alot of it because I search on the internet and look up him.Well that is it.Full house rules and so does john stamos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • John Stamos...

    John Stamos is an awesome actor. He was a star in Full House. A star on Jake in Progress.
    A star in Thieves. (only lasted seven episodes) But we know him most from macho man
    Uncle Jesse in Full House. Born in 1963, in Cypress California was John Phillips Stamos. He was in Broadway a couple times. And he is going to star in an up-coming movie. John Stamos was why a lot of people watched Full House. He is funny, a good actor, and he was
    a natural. But did you know he is gonna be a gay character in the movie coming soon?
  • funnnaayy

    john stamos is freaken hilarious! without him in full house, full house would've went down the tubes. he is also very good looking for being old lol jk jk. he plays a very original character in full house and i think most people remember him best for his role there.
  • Full House rocks my socks John Stamos is so hot! He's so cute as Uncle Jesse.

    OMG! John Stamos is so hot!!!!!!!!!! I loved him on Full House he was so cute and so sweet and he was an excellent Role Model. He is really good at acting he should so be on more stuff for like family programs. He's so good at music and he has an excellent voice when he sings. He actually did a video clip with the Beach Boys so I thinks that's how he got them to be guest stars on Full House. Also I heard rumours he might becoming a permanent person on ER. I love ER its such a good show because he already did a couple of episodes on it and they wanted him back. But overall I loved him as Uncle Jesse on FULL HOUSE! They couldn't of picked a better UNCLE JESSE!
  • OMG

    John Stamos is my all time hero! I really loved the way he played Uncle Jesse on full house! It was amazing! I loved his 80's mullet! Its my dream to act right beside him in a broadway production. I love his obsession with the beach boys and elvis on the show I think its fantastic. I love the way the girls on the show looked up to him as a fake uncle and a actor role model. I love John Stamos with all my heart and one day I hope to meet him and spend the day with him because hes my favorite actor
  • Oh My God!! John Stamos is sooooooo Hott!!!

    John Stamos is so hott!! I loved him on full house. I grew up watching it and now own the dvd's. It's one of my fave shows. He was so cute on full house. He is such a great actor and should be doing huge hollywood movies along side A list celebs like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt he is more talented then them and better looking..... way better looking. I'm so happy that he is on a couple of episodes of ER becuase I love that show to. John Stamos you rock keep on acting as well as you do!! You are awesome!
  • O my!

    In my mind John Stamos will always be Uncle Jesse. NOTHING will change that. It has been said that he always wanted roles with a harder image, but he managed the rold of Uncle Jesse with no problem. His acting ablity between learning how to care for Michelle, to yelling at the kids, to developing a romance with Rebecca, he will always be a wonderful and sexy actor.
  • John Stamos is a man whos acting abilities reach a high level.

    John Stamos is probably the best and most musical actor ever. He can play the guitar, piano, drums, and I'm sure there's more instruments that he plays that I don't know about yet. His best role by far is Uncle Jesse on Full House. He plays a man who loves his family very much, is very musical, and girls love. He could enterain with music, acting funny, or being serious. He is a multi-talented actor and should have his own show. Wait, does Jake in Progress count? If it does, he needs another one!
  • John is an absolutely AMAZING man!!! He is my idol inn life and I wish that some day i would meet him...

    I am not really sure how i can meet him but hopefully in the future I would get the chance of talking to him... Who knows!!!? But if anyone of you people reading my review knows a way that I could meet him and talk to him I would be really grateful to you... I really look up to this guy and i adore him!!
  • IS the most beautiful man on the planet. What a smile. I saw him in Nine on broadway. Amazing! It was my first broadway play. My sister took me for my 40th Birthday Present. Best gift of my life. To be 100 feet from John Stamos.

    I think John has some real Talent. Not only is he Beautiful,but he can act also.And is still HOT at 42!!! Do you know how hard it is to find a hot guy at 42? I'm 42 and it's not easy. LOL By the way, John if you are reading this, I am 42 and single. And I do believe you are my soulmate. For many reasons I won't get into right here. E-Mail me and we'll talk. LOL

    Ciao, Pauline
  • John Stamos is a hunky hot-looking tv star who has starred in 6 tv shows so far and is on the road to victory. He will go far in life with his attitude and his looks but mostly, his looks. He is a Hollywood Legend!!!!!!!!!!

    John Stamos is the best tv star that can ever go on television! He is good-looking, and is just a really nice guy! He's very cool and everyone should look up to him. My Celebrity has inspired me to be a cool guy with wonderful goals!

    Thank you Stamos!!!!!!!!
  • One of the best!

    John Stamos is one of the best actors ever. His best role though, was Uncle Jesse on Full House.
    One of the worst things about him though; is he won't agree to do a Full House reunion movie. Everybody likes Full House, especially Jesse, but still he wants to be away from Full House. Who knows why. It got his career going good. It got him who he is today. He is an excellent actor that doesn't want anything to do with his best role ever. He was the best TV-uncle ever!
  • John Stamos, the ever popular Uncle Jesse on Full House, is of Greek descent. He is currently playing Jake Phillips on Jake in Progress.

    You know when Jesse cut his hair on Full House? That was when the show got better. I hate John Stamos with his mullet, but now, he looks better than ever. He is really talented at acting, he should have been a bigger star. He's also modest, sometimes he credits his hair being the star, he just walks under it.
  • Great Guy!

    John Stamos is a famous guy , well , was. He's on a good show that I like called " Full House " It aired from 1988 - 1995 , I think. But he was my favorite star on the show! He was funny, well Dave Coulier played the funny guy , but he was still funny on that show!
  • One of the hottest guys on the face of this Earth. He is extremly talented and an all around great guy!

    John Stamos is the hottest and most talented man to ever walk the earth. He is extremly talented because not only can he pull off all different kind of rolls like the humble Uncle Jesse, the drug crazed murder in Captive, and the wild Jake phillips but he is also a brillient musiction. He can play the guitar,the drums,the piano, and he is also a great singer. In real life he is an extremly nice guy. He never takes anything for granit. He loves kids and wishes that he had a big family of his own, it is said that he left Romajn because she did not want children and he did.
  • John Stamos is one of the best actors of TV, movies, and on broadway! !

    I have loved John Stamos ever since his first day as Uncle Jesse. His charm and his ability to be loveable and not is amazing. I love how he is just so amazing and he's is just so cool. He can act realy good and he is so god at actnig hat he can switch roles. My Best Friend's Wife is an example of his ability to switch up roles going from full House to that movie. I love John STamos and so should you.
  • O John!

    Personally, I choose to view my pal John as Uncle Jesse. John Stamos is perhaps the best actor ever to play a great-haired uncle! Wow! I believe that's all that needs to be said...except for ....go to! Now I must take up word space.. . . . . ,
  • John Stamos is by far the most beautiful man on this earth. He is such a sweet guy and always has a smile on his face...

    John Stamos is by far the most beautiful man on this earth. He is greek- what more can I say? He is such a sweet guy and always has a smile on his face. He is such and inspiration to people of all ages, race, and gender. He appeals to everyone imaginable, males, females, kids, adults, elders, etc. He is always trying to help and has been involved with various organizations that help out greatly such as project Cuddle and Vangard. He is such a talented actor and has preformed with so much talent in all of his roles if they are on TV, Broadway, singing, or in movies. He opened up my heart and if you are lucky he will open up yours.