John Tartaglia

John Tartaglia


2/16/1978, Maple Shade, New Jersey

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John Tartaglia is an singer, actor, dancer and "Muppeteer." He was born in Maple Shade, New Jersey on February 16, 1978. He claims to have been "performing since he was a fetus - where other babies were content with passive kicking, John would Kick, Shuffle, Turnstep followed by…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • John has three cats: Mia, Keisha, and Sebastian; and one cocker spaniel puppy: Dora.

    • John is double-jointed in his shoulders and pinky fingers.

    • He played the part of Lumiere in the Broadway version of "Beauty and the Beast". He started on November 21, 2006 and continued until the show closed on July 29, 2007.

    • He is one of the youngest puppeteers ever to perform on Sesame Street (he began part-time at 16 and full-time at 18).

    • At the after-party of his last performance in "Avenue Q," he wore a red Adidas track suit. This was a tongue-in-cheek reference to Idina Menzel's last performance in Wicked in which she wore the same suit.

    • Movie Credits:

      Sesame Street 4D - Oscar
      Love the Hard Way - Jack
      Sesame Street 'A Is for Asthma' - Assorted Muppets

    • TV Credits:

      Johnny and the Sprites - Johnny
      Play With Me Sesame - Ernie
      The 59th Annual Tony Awards - Himself
      Broadway on Broadway - Himself
      The 58th Annual Tony Awards - Himself
      Sesame Street - Assorted Roles
      Sesame English - Tingo

    • Theatre Productions:

      Avenue Q
      Neussical The Musical: 2006 Edition

    • Quotes:

      John Tartaglia: (About Avenue Q) It's opened a lot of doors for me,a year and a half ago I was walking down Broadway and looking up at the theaters and thinking, Oh, my God, that's my dream to be there. I was just praying that someday I'd get to walk through the stage door and work at a Broadway theater.

    • John can be heard in all songs on the Avenue Q soundtrack except for "I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today," "There's A Fine, Fine Line," "The More You Ruv Someone," and "Schadenfreude."

  • Quotes

  • He's great!

    John Tataglia is very talented with not only singing, but with acting and puppeting! He did an excellent job on Sesame Street, Avenue Q, and his latest thing he's got going on, the newest Playhouse Disney show, Johnny and the Sprites. JATS is about four magical puppet creatures called sprites, who live in Johnny's (John Tartaglia) backyard, who hang out with him, having all sorts of adventures, and the sprites (and sometimes Johnny!) learn valuble life lessons along the way. I love the show, even though I'm not a preschooler, because of its great music. The point is, Tartaglia is very talented in many ways, mostly with puppets, from Bert & Ernie (Sesame Stret), to Sage and Lily (JATS).moreless