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    • John is often mistakenly credited with voicing the "Previously on Lost" narration heard at the beginning of most episodes of "Lost". But the narration is done by Lloyd Braun who was the chairman of ABC from 2002 to November 2004.

    • John played the daddy of a woman named Kate on the TV show "24". Kate became romantically involved with the character named Jack on the show. In the TV show "Lost" John played the daddy of a man named Jack who becomes romantically involved with a woman named Kate.

    • John Terry is 1.88m tall.

    • John Terry shares the same name of an English footballer.

    • John was in the movie Of Mice and Men and he played Slim.

    • John Terry seems to be TV's best dad, since he as been in four different shows as a father of a regular character, he played Larry McCoy, Danny's (Josh Duhamel) in 4 episodes of the first two seasons of Las Vegas, until his dead in the second season finale, he also played Bob Warner, Kate's (Sarah Wynter) father, in 12 episodes of the second season of 24. He played Ben Affleck's father in the tv show Against the Grain. Currently, he plays Jack's father (Matthew Fox) in the hit-show Lost, and although is dead, he had already appeared in 5 episodes of Lost.

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