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  • Really a great person.

    Great actor.
  • Versatile

    He has a smile that speaks volumes... whether he's playing daddy, assassin, hero, or smart-aleck, his smile will convey that. Also, he is serious and witty, and slick. I really like watching him in movies.
  • John Travolta is an amazingly talented actor who has not only lasted the test of time but become a better actor.

    John Travolta is an amazingly talented actor who has not only lasted the test of time but become a better actor. I saw "Saturday Night Fever" the other day and was so impressed with how well he could dance in that movie as well his acting...yes i know its sad that I have only just now seen that movie but give me a break im only 20. To think of all the movies he has done over the years!! WOW. Now I cant wait to see him acting as a woman in a fat suit. IT is going to be awesome.

    One of my favorite movies with Travolta was Swordfish. I LOVE THAT MOVIE.
  • Handsome, Great actor

    Handsome hardly comes close to describing John. I have been a fan since Welcome Back Kotter. I loved all his movies. I love any movie with him dancing. Grease, Pulp Fiction, Micheal. He moves with such grace. He is a wonderful actor. I give him a 10! I'd have given him higher if I could have. He is probably one of my all time favorites.
  • He is one of my all time favourite actors. He is absolutely amazing!!!

    Well my favourite role he has played in is Grease. that was such a great show. I also own some of his other roles but there are way way way too many to own them all. there are what like 60 or something?? anyway ya is such an amazing actor and such a kind person off screen with his friends and family. and he is so awesome because he loves to fly!!! oh yes he flys planes. I totally cannot wait to see him in his latest movie, Wild Hogs!!! its going to be so great with 3 other comedians!!! awesome. just gotta say that John Travolta is a great great person!!!
  • empty

    His older movies were a lot better(excluding 2007 movies I have not seen yet). Plays way too many violent roles, which could typecast him.
  • empty

    Honestly, a bad*** actor who still has a lot of good movies left in his system. His two best movies, in my opinion, are "Pulp Fiction," which resurrected his career, and "Face-Off."
  • empty

    Cool actor. He has appeared in some movies that are really cool though of course my favorite is "Pulp Fiction" and after "Face/Off" which are cool movies. John Travolta is cool too, his way of acting is pretty average but he is surely a good, great actor with a lot of capacity.
  • From Vinny to countless other names....

    John is one of the most talanted actors that have hit the screen in a long time. He is very versitle in all of his acting roles. He can be funny, serious, mean, happty, sad or what ever his role requires. It is refreshing to see an actor who can bring you into the role with him like he does. He makes you believe he is bad or good. He has a hypnotic way of making you believe he is who he is supposed to be in whatever role he plays. A great talent that should be used more often in movies.
  • My favorite actor of all time!

    John Travolta has been my favorite actor for many years and continues to dominate the movie scene with any movie he stars in! I own almost all of his movies and love every single one of them. Grese is my favorite movie and has been for many many years, he sure could sing!
  • John Travolta is VERY TALENTED!

    john travolta has overcome alot of roles in movies but he needs to star in more than one tv show...he is a very cute cutie and maybe just maybe should develop his own tv show..even tho he practically owned welcome back kotter!lol...
    i give him a 8.0
    i ma the first one to do a review,yay!!