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    • John and Kelly's son, Jett, died tragically on January 2nd 2008, after he had a seizure and hit his head when he fell. Jett was found unconscious in the family's holiday house and John performed CPR on him for 20 minutes until paramedics rushed him to hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Jett had suffered seizures since he was two-years-old.

    • The casting crew for Grease has said that John didn't exactly have standout dancing skills when they first saw him, but because he was so charismatic in front of the camera, that was the reason he was chosen for a lead role.

    • In 1995 and 2008, John was nominated for SAG Awards. In 1995 he was nominated for "Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role" for the film Pulp Fiction. In 2008, he was nominated for "Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture" for the movie Hairspray.

    • John is a Scientologist, but the public has not given him nearly as much grief about it as they have done with Tom Cruise, who follows the same religion. John has said that he feels this might be because Tom tends to be a little more forceful and boisterous about his beliefs, whereas John views it as a more personal thing that guides him through life. "He's a good boy, though," John says about Tom.

    • Travolta's son Jett is rumored to be Autistic, the Travolta's deny this claiming their son suffers from Kawasaki syndrome (alymph node syndrome that affects many of the bodies organs).

      Scientology does not recognise the disability or therapies for treating it.

    • As a child John attended dance classes. His teacher was Fred Kelly, the brother of famous dancer Gene Kelly.

    • In 2002 Travolta and Olivia Newton-John delighted guests at a Hollywood party when they teamed up for the first time in 20 years to sing several hits from their classic movie GREASE.

    • In November 2005 Travolta offered to personally fly the Socceroos to Germany for the 2006 FIFA World Cup if they qualified. (Qantas are the official sponsors of the Australian national football team). He remained true to his word.

    • Travolta is a published author. In 1992, he wrote and illustrated a children's book, Propeller One-Way Night Coach.
      This story is about the fictional journey of an 8-year-old boy named Jeff across the USA in the 1950s.

    • In 2006, Travolta was photographed in what appeared to be a kiss with an unidentified male in Ontario. According to Travolta's attorney Martin Singer this was a nonromantic gesture.
      Travolta greets all close friends of both genders this way, entirely nonsexual, an act of friendship typical of both Hollywood and the Italian culture.

    • In 1982, Paul Barresi alleged to have homosexual involvement with Travolta, this statement was later recanted.

    • In 2002, John was able to participate in the Qantas "Spirit of Friendship" tour. He piloted his own Boeing 707 on a thirteen city, 35,000 mile tour.
      He is currently the Ambassador-at-Large for the Australia based Qantas Airways.

    • Following his life long passion for aviation, John became a fully licensed jet pilot, earning his wings in 1974, and has since logged more than 5,000 flying hours.

    • John was proud to narrate a 50th Anniversary documentary on The Blue Angels.

    • John has received many awards for his talented contributions to the entertainment world including Academy Award nominations (twice), BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations and was named Best Actor by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

    • Is a supporter of Youth for Human Rights International, this is an orgainsation that teaches children the importance of human rights.

    • For his role in Primary Colors, John had to learn yoga, gain 30 pounds and pick up boxing to loose his 'love handles'.

    • One of John's favorite films is Yankee Doodle Dandy, which was made in 1942.

      Another is foreign film is Strada. La which was filmed in 1954.

    • John has a love of planes and he fly's three Gulf stream jets, but his prize possession is the Boeing 707 he owns.

    • In the beginning of John's acting career, John did a movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble in 1977. There he met the first love of his life, Diana Hyland who was eighteen years older then him. However, she passed away from cancer in 1977. She died in John's arms.

    • John's five siblings are: Joey, Ellen, Ann, Margaret and Sam. John is the youngest.

    • John had to marry Kelly twice. The first time was by a Scientologist minister, but the marriage was not recognized.

    • John is married to Kelly Preston. They married on September 12, 1991 and are still married today. They have two kids; a son and a daughter.

    • John began his career in the role of Vinnie Barbarino on the series Welcome Back Kotter in 1975.

    • John turned down the role of Jim Lovell in Apollo 13. The part eventually went to Tom Hanks. He also turned down roles in Tootsie and An Officer and a Gentleman.

  • Quotes

    • John Travolta: (John & Kelly released the following statement thanking people from Florida for their support after their son Jett died) The enormous amount of love, support and condolence we have received from this community has been most humbling. Comforting words, thoughts and prayers of Ocala's citizens have made an impossibly painful situation a little less painful.

    • John Travolta: (following the tragic death of their son Jett in 2009, John & Kelly released the following statement) Jett lit up the lives of everyone he encountered. We are heartbroken that our time with him was so brief. We will cherish the time that we had with him for the rest of our lives.

    • John Travolta: (on getting revenge on his childhood bully) got There was a bully on my block who teased me for eight years. When I was 13, I found the strength to lift him over my head and throw him on the ground. I felt so vindicated. After that, we were good friends. So maybe that's how you know you're my friend - if I lift you over my head and body-slam you.

    • John Travolta: (about his most famous role) I feel like a part of history. I don't know if I would trade "Grease" for anything.

    • John Travolta: (about his daughter Ella Bleu) My daughter came up to me and asked, "Daddy, what's your favorite book?" I told her that I used to love To Kill a Mockingbird, and she said, "No, but what's your favorite book now?" Then she patted me on the arm and said, "It's okay, you have a lot to do."

    • John Travolta: (on dressing as a woman for the film "Hairspray") You should have seen everyone on the set. Every woman and every man was feeling my breasts and squeezing my ass. And I was, 'C'mon, feel me, touch me!' I didn't care. I was just a slut, to be frank! I'd have crew guys saying, 'Do you mind if I touch you there?

    • John Travolta: (revealing how Scientology helped him through life) I have been involved 32 years with Scientology and it's given me all the tools to survive in life that I need and it helped so many people. We're all over the world and we go out of our way to help people whether it's natural disasters or personal help with their lives. And I've always found it an enormous help and tool for me to survive better. Right from the start I always had a wherewithal because of their help to never self-destruct. I could always use the tools to better myself and become more able and more in communication with people and have more fun.

    • John Travolta: I find flying extroverting -- it puts your attention outside yourself -- you're responsible for a machine that is going through the air at 600mph. The sensation is thrilling and there is a beauty and an art to it.

    • John Travolta: Every cent of my first paychecks went to flying lessons.

    • John Travolta: (About his daughter): There is a different sort of chemistry. There's a way a girl will adore her father that is kind of unconditional.

    • John Travolta: I called my son 'Jett' and I wanted to call my daughter 'Qantas', but my wife wouldn't let me.

    • John Travolta: When I was a kid in the sixties, believe it or not, most of you are younger and don't know that, but it was a blast to fly. You dressed up, you got in your Sunday best, women wore white gloves, you had room to stretch your legs out, you had a very nice meal, the stewardess paid particular attention to you. It was an event. It's so different today.

    • John Travolta: I wanted my own little airliner in the backyard. I'd have my girlfriends use their Brownie uniforms to be the flight attendants and I was the captain and they would have to pretend they were serving people.

    • John Travolta: It's always good to be at an Aussie event.

    • John Travolta: There's no reason why a film shouldn't choose Florida, but the incentive matters.

    • John Travolta: I was just thinking of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe and how young they were when they died. I would like to be a pop icon who survives. I would like to be a living icon.

    • John Travolta: I've hit a milestone in my life; turning fifty and if I waited any longer I'd have to write two books. I've had such a full life, I really want to share it.

    • John Travolta: There are unwanted emotions and pain that goes along with any birth.

    • John Travolta: You try to keep the delivery room quiet so there's nothing recorded in the child's mind that shouldn't be there while there's pain going on.

    • John Travolta: (Talking about his wife): Yesterday we left the house, kissed the kids goodbye, then we went into the back yard, got in a jet and flew to London. That was pretty cool.

    • John Travolta: (Danny Devito, with the help of director Quentin Tarantino, persuaded the actor to make this one): He couldn't convince me at first because I wasn't familiar with the book and then he had Quentin call me. There were a lot of parts of the book that needed to be in the script and when they corrected that and added them, I said 'yes'.

    • John Travolta: Not really since The Godfather, had I felt anyone tried to nail the era (so well).

    • John Travolta: It's hard to make a cultural phenomenon every time.

    • John Travolta: I often look back on those days with fondness, but I don't think I'd even try to wear those outfits from Saturday Night Fever now. I love my food.