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  • I think I\\\\\\\'m great. I am one hell of a guitar player and handsome to. And well down stairs know...nudge... nugde... wink....wink...know what i mean....know what i mean....say no more...say no more. Oh, and pe..people like me.

    Not sure who the imposter is of me, but I\\\\\\\'m sure he is a great guy, just like me. I\\\\\\\'m probably a better guitar player though, i\\\\\\\'ve been playing for twenty years. I think he\\\\\\\'s probably a better actor though, I kind..dd..d..aa. ooo...vvv..eee..rrr.. mmy wwooorrddeeddss. i getted kinda nevouse in front of peoples and when i\\\\\\\'m necked. Escpecialy when I\\\\\\\'m taken a shower. A spider almost bit me once, not a very big spider, but it was pretty scary. I got a vaccuum,..vacuum, vackum??, and sucked it up, it was one of those clear see through kind, I watched swirl and swirl and swirl. Any who That John guys pretty cool, but not as cool as me.