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  • This Guy Is Awsome!

    John Williams is soooo incredibly awesome! I think that he is far better than the rest! His notes and rhythms are beautiful and enticing. He is the one who brought us the legendary Star Wars Theme. He also brought us Hedwig’s Theme, Fawkes The Phoenix, The Knight Bus, and so many other Harry Potter themes. It seems like his creativity and imagination go on for ever and for ever. I think that the Harry Potter scores sound more like John Williams than the Star Wars scores do. I also think that the trumpet sounds most like him in his music than any other instrument. And in conclusion, John Williams is awesome!
  • Conducted all 6 Star Wars Movies

    A truly gifted composer, every piece he composes is a masterpiece, he puts in his all in all that he does from the first three Harry Potter movies to the entire Star Wars saga, his music is rich, fresh and powerful. I wish he would have done the fourth Harry Potter movie, I don't really like classic but his work is really well done.

    An endless list. This man has an endless list of great movie themes. He is a musical genius. He has composed themes for Star Wars, Jaws, E.T.: Extra Terrestrial, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Superman, and many, many, more. Oh Did I mention Star Wars? John Towner Williams is the man! Thumbs up to the superior musical stylings of John Williams.