John Wright (I)





3/30/1942 , Charleston, West Virginia

Birth Name

John Robert Wright, Jr.




The Son of the legendary Country Music Duo Johnny Wright and Kitty Wells, John – Better known in music circles as 'Bobby' – Was born in Charleston, West Virginia, but spent much of his childhood in Shreveport, Louisiana, where his Mom and Dad appeared regularly on The Louisiana Hayride. In 1958, 16 year-old Bobby moved to Nashville, with his Mom and Dad, and Sisters Ruby and Carol, where Johnny and Kitty headlined at the Grand Ole Opry. An accomplished guitarist, as well as being proficient on drums and trumpet, Bobby often performed with his Mom and Dad, as back up guitar and vocalist.

But Bobby quickly became disenchanted with the music business, and was soon bitten by the 'acting bug', after he heard from an Opry manager that Hollywood Producer Peter Tewkesbury was looking for a guitar-picking 'country boy' type to appear in a drama that Tewkesbury was producing. Bobby traveled to L.A. for the audition, but to no avail, for Tewkesbury's project never got off the ground. But another Producer – Edward J. Montagne, Producer of the popular military comedy, The Phil Silvers Show – Saw Bobby's screen test, and was impressed enough with it, that he cast Bobby in the very similar role of 'Willy Moss', in his new military sitcom, McHale's Navy.

Toward the end of the run of McHale's Navy, Bobby – Now known as John Wright – Rekindled his interest in music, and sang and played on his Mom's 1965 album A Woman Half My Age. After McHale was canceled, he moved back to Nashville, and appeared regularly in the Wright/Wells Family show, and soon began his solo career, recording many singles on the Decca label. His biggest hit – The title track from his album Here I Go Again charted at #13, in July of 1971.

Though mainstream Nashville success eluded him, he continued to record, turning out singles, next for ABC Records, beginning in 1973, then for United Artists, in 1977. His last charted single – I'm Turning You Loose did no better than #77, on the Country charts, in July of 1979.

McHale's Navy was John's chief claim to fame, as an Actor, and, after it was cancelled, he only took the occasional small role in a movie or TV show. Now in his 70s, John has retired from acting, but still performs his music, occasionally, though now he's strictly a solo act, since his Mom and Dad retired from the music business, in 2001.