Johnny Alonso

Johnny Alonso


11/22/1970, Queens, New York

Birth Name

John-Michael deCastro Alonso


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Johnny Alonso has been in numerous national projects as a contract player from television to the big screen. Alonso was fortunate to land a small 8 episode recurring character on the teen drama "Dawson's Creek" as "Jimmy Franco, co-worker #2" before the 6th season turned the series into…more


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  • I might be a bit biased, but given our relationship, I would like to believe that I got it like that.

    Since I\\\'ve met Johnny about a year and a half ago, I have paid close attention to his growth as an actor while developing my own career.

    Johnny is without a doubt one of the hardest working actors I have ever came across - always about the business of perfecting his craft. For me he is in so many ways an example of how one should go after their dreams.

    I even like his site these days. It\\\'s cleaner and more organized. I can go through acheivements chronologically now with ease; view pictures and upcoming events with little effort.

    Johnny, thank you for being an example of how to market yourself through the media. Know that I\\\'m always watching - loving you always.

  • Johnny Alonso stars in the first HD movie completed with Panasonic's new AG-HVX200 Camera. It's a sci-fi short, perfect for a pilot. Reminds one of classic Twilight Zone. Great performances all around. This should be a weekly, and Alonso should reprismoreless

    An armed robber is thwarted by a strange "Samaritan," played Johnny Alonso. This otherworldly character, Victor, could have been overplayed with camp or drama, but Alonso breathes life into an already intelligent script. The combination of which produces a compelling bit of viewing. This is a performance that generates power and charm on the screen. There is a scene between Victor and the character of the detective investigating the thwarted robbery. The big showdown -- the interrogation. Alonso's Victor runs circles around the frustrated detective with such subtlety and understated charisma. At one point the detective tells Victor he is tired of not getting answers, and Victor replies with utter sincerity, "It's been a long day for you detective." Catch the trailer at the Star Circle Pictures site. This is well worth catching. Alonso gets to show off some real acting chops in "Samaritan."moreless