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  • classic

    I love Johnny Cash. He's just one of those legendary singers that everyone has heard of. When you mention Johnny Cash people don't ask, "Who's he?" He's a legend. I think he was one of the best singers that ever lived. He has so many famous good songs. And they're all so catchy! It's hard to choose but I think I'd have to say Folsom Prison Blues is my favorite song that he sang. He has such a distinctive voice. You could recognize it anywhere. Anyways, Johnny Cash was, is, and will always be a legend to me and the entire world.
  • Can never be replaced ...

    Johnny was the King of cool. The look, the voice, the personality. I have so much respect for the man not only as a performer, but as a human being.
    He went through so much in his life, but with his family and the love of God Johnny made it past obstacles that would have made a weaker man fall even further into the abyss.

    Johnny is truly missed.
  • a man of many talents...that we today take for granted

    the man in black is one of the true voices of country music...coming from a troubled youth and rising above all the despair to become America's one true rebel voice. hving the guts to sing about the REAL side of life not just the daisies and tulips of love. not only could the common working man understand the feelings conveyed in his songs but a hardened criminal can let a salty tear run down his face without guilt or remorse. to hear his songs you would think he spent quite a bit of time behind bars...but since he didnt that makes him one heck of a storyteller. too bad he left this world but i take a lot of comfort in knowing that he is with his one true love...mrs. june carter cash! may you both be in each others arms for all eternity!!

    Me and my dad would go work in the garage listening to his greatest hits. I said would he make some new songs, well he did make more songs, but then passed away, many were friends of him, some hated his music, but if the world hated his music even if it was now, hed still be with me, i can tell. He can be with anyone, If anyone passed away and youd say "Hes never coming back". You couldnt be more wrong, if you respected him so much, hes always in your heart. You may not see him or hear him, hes not a scary ghost you would see in a movie or a screensaver, I can always hear him singing somewhere not as a ghost, but as a freed soul just to say "Thanks for supporting me all the way through, from when i was starting to be a star, to the greates above them all.".... It puts me to sleep at night. I am not lying.

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