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    I used to live in South Florida.(And good god how i miss it!) One day at work I was talking with a coworker about Johny(You know the usual, he's hot, funny..yadda yadda) and the lady I was cashing out jumps in the conversation. She says, "You know he used to go to high school around here?" Of course I do. Then she says, "My daughter used to date him. He'd come to the house alot. He was in a band at the time." Of course by this time my mouth is on the floor. I'm like are you kidding me. Don't play with my emotions. As far as I know you are the only person I've met that's been within 20 feet of him even if he was 16 at the time. I let her keep going. "He got really into that band he had goin' and moved to California I think. He was such a sweet boy, very nice." So I'm speachless. The lady seemed really sincere and not at all braggy about it. To tell the truth she said all these things like it was common knowledge, like she was reminding me. After she realized she was holding the line she offered to bring the year book back with her the next time she came and was on her way.

    No, I never saw her again but the store did close up. I like to think she was telling the truth. It seems unlikely to me that a lady her age(and she was an older lady) would go through so much trouble to make up a story for a cashier. Maybe one day I can ask him myself.

    Another 'six degrees of seperation' type story I have: Again talking about Johnny with a new friend and she has a cousin that went to the school Johnny did like a year or so under him and she'd seen the year book photo herself.
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    thats really cool. it probably is true. its a really cool story
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