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  • He's the best! :)

    I've been a fan of Johnny depp for years and all I can say is that he's Perfect...both in terms of personality and in terms of acting. He really stands out in his roles; Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, in Nick of time, Finding Neverland etc etc. However the best of all (in my opinion) being Edward Scissorhands. I watched it million times and i'll never ever get fed up of watching it. I really like the story and obviously the character of Edward!! He's clumsy (like me!!) but sweet and sensitive at the same time. He plays the role so well, so perfectly that everytime I watch it tears run from my eyes.
    I simply love it!!!

    Johnny Depp is a one of a kind and he's very good at making up his own character for the chosen roles! In the role Jack Sparrow he is soooo funny...I really really enjoy watching Johnny interpreting Jack's character coz it's absolutely perfect; even the funny expressions he make on his face and the way he responds back the queues; they make my stomach ache with laughter.

    I believe that he's one of the best actors in the world; At least for me he's PERFECT!
  • Simply The Best!

    I considered writing JUST a list of adjectives, but I thought it needed a minor explanation. Johnny Depp is:

    beyond compare, inimitable, unequaled, outstanding, odd, whimsical, quirky, fanciful, fanciable, charming, irresistable, pleasant, alluring, amusing, good-humoured, entertaining, enticing, striking, entrancing, exalted, enjoyable, convivial, compassionate, philanthropic, generous, courteous, cordial, amiable, welcoming, friendly, facile, artful, accomplished, savvy, shrewd, discerning, rational, role-model, superstar, luminary, honourable, handsome, enchanting and sublime.

    Johnny is just a person, and more than just a person. He is a teacher, a lesson, a role model, and an icon. It's true, he's famous, but with the connotations that go with the word celebrity, it's obvious that a more elevated word suits his status.

    As an actor, I can safely say that ALL of his films are worth seeing. His choices aren't money driven, but based on what he likes himself, and this passion never fails to come through on the screen. His ability to become anyone or anything has enabled him to take on just about any role that comes his way and never have you see the same character twice.

    If you're in the Movie Rental shop and stuck for a film to rent, place your bet on Johnny Depp and you won't be disappointed. Suspend disbelief and let his characters take you on a journey in a way you'll never find anywhere else.
  • My all time favorite actor.

    I do not think that there is a role that Johnny Depp has done that i have not liked. I am a huge fan of his. I really love his preformances in the Pirates of the Caribbean they could not have chosen a better actor to play that part. I have to say that Captain Jack Sparrow is my favorite character that he has done. Evan though i was not a big fan of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that movie and his character were a little strange to me. But all around i think that he is an amazing actor and he is really hot.
  • Johnny Depp - Talented man

    Johnny Depp is a really famous man, and I believe that most girls my age love him for just his pirates of the carribean movies. I bet over 50 percent of them love him for his apperence and his Jack Sparrow Character. Yes, Johnny Depp is Very good looking for his age. But Pirates arent even his best movies. Far from it. Why dont you go rent out Benny & Joon or What's Eating Gilbert Grape, some of his less famous movies for this generation, and you will truely know that Johnny Depp is more than just a pretty face.
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    Hey Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow oh man good movie!! All right! Pirates! Great effects, great acting, great movie and great Johnny Depp!!

    God bless, Jeanette

    Obviously he is a proper hunk loved by all differnt types of people in all different parts of the World.
    He is so such a nice person and with such amazing charisma that i think every girl wants one of him. I actually cried in the cinema when he dies in Pirates of the Caribbean 'Dead man's chest' so sad but so true. I have websites dedicated to him and have so many supporters and freinds who just love him. I love him yumm yumm :D I would want him in my film if i was a director.
  • i adore him!

    Ever since Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, i have absolutley adored Johnny Depp. I can remember the first time i went to see the movie, i went with my school friends and everyone went crazy for Orlando Bloom. At the time i was the only one who actually liked Johnny. Then a few months later the girls went crazy for him!

    I rated him a 10. Not only is he gorgeous and extremely sexy, but he is a terrific actor, one of the best. He is constantly choosing roles that show off his talent, in particular Edward Scissorhands and Finding Neverland.

    He is definatly the best actors of the 21st Century!!!
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    This guy is an amazing actor. He can transform himself to any person he wishes to perform.
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    Johnny Depp is my personal idol. I am an actress and when i have difficulty with a role, i think of what johnny depp would do. there is no doubt that he is THE best actor. the man's a genius!
  • An Actor who can play so many diferent parts, and nail them perfectly

    Johnny Deep is one of those actors that no mater what part he plays it makes the movie enjoyable even if the movie isn't really good. He has played in numerous movies but just to name a few. Sleepy Hallow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Corpse Bride. Johnny Depp continues to improve as an actor with each role.
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    Depp is know for his diversity in the roles that he plays, which is exactly what I love about him. Of course his acting is fantasic, but the fact that he plays all his different roles to perfection is what makes Johnny Depp one of the finest actors of this time.
  • My personal favorite person on the whole planet.

    I would first like to annonce that I would call myself Johnny Depp's biggest fan (without being a scary obsesive stalker). His films and way of life has changed mine. Not only is the sexiest man on the planet, he is thee most taleted actor EVER! He is definatly up there with the greats ie. Marlon Brando. Everything he says and does is inspirational. He loves his children and his partner(not his wife just to clear that up). He announced in an interview that if he had not met Venessa he would have killed himself a long time ago. I love his outlook on life. All his movies are fantastic and he doesn't choose roles or characters because of the money or fame. He chooses them because he enjoys playing them. Usually his characters are underdogs of some kind. Such as Edward in Edward Scissorhands. Gonzo
  • I love johnny dep he is really hott and he is soooooooooooooooooooooo funny in pirates !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i think johnny is one of the most talented people i've seen for a long time and i mean he is kinda old but he is still really H H H H H H H H H H H H O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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    Johnny Depp is an amazing actor who suceeds in every single roll he is given to play. In the Pirates Of The Caribean series, he plays the well known Captain Jack Sparrow. He is the best character of the show and one of my favourites out of all movies.
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    Johnny Depp is cool because of his movie and television career such as Cry-Baby and 21 Jumpstreet but the best one of his movies is Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Great Actor

    Well Well Well Johnny Depp has got to be one of the best actors ever! hehe well he's brilliant in pirates of the carribean and im sure he caught every girls heart because i must say he is quite hot in it hehe. He is such a brilliant actor as he can place himself in every role that is given to him, changing his voices and making every character he plays extremly different from eachother! I'm 15 and a huge fan of johnny and i hope to see him in loads more movies in the future and he so didnt die in pirates of the carribean: dead mans chest!
  • Hottest Actor Alive and the most veristial actors of our Generation.

    Johnny Depp has always been my favorite actor ever. He is so fantastic it is a shame he never won The Oscar he deserves one. I first noticed Johnny in 21 Jump Street and he was so hot and such a good actor I watched for him. I was so sad when he left but then he went on to have a movie career and He was amazing. Being as gorgouse as he is he could have gone the conventional leading man route but instead he choose diverse roles that focased more on his increable talented then his looks and I have always respected him for it. He is truly one of a kind and I cannot wait to see what the futers brings and hopefully he will finally get the Oscar he so rightly deserves. I cannot think of another actor who can compare to Johnny in the Looks and acting dept.
  • Johnny Depp is one of the best actors I know of. He can go from playing the brother of a mental case, to filling the role of a drunken pirate! Bravo

    I first spotted Johnny in POC and from then on, I've had an infactuation with him. I found out that he has stared in many movies including "whats eating gilbert grape?", "Chocolat", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "The corpse bride" and most recently "Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Mans Chest" I think its way cool that he can switch from on character eg; a drunken pirate, to an upperclass dreamer (finding neverland) Johnny is a very real person, he gives to his community, he hasnt let fame go to his head and he is very caring towards his fans. Totally cool!
  • Talk about original and fascinating work.

    Just got to say. This man has to be the finest if not one of the BEST screen actors of all time. You wanna see a real actor thats all about the work. Watch Johnny Depp. Absolutely brilliant. Not only that but talk about being versitle, for those who know. You know what I'm talking about. And for those that dont know just watch his movies.
  • Greatest actor ever!

    No, seriously! I really love his acting, he can be any character and be successful at them. He went from Edward Scissorhands, Jack Sparrow, to Willy Wonka. Who else could do that and be that successful? I've been watching him in movies ever since Edward Scissorhands (when I was about 5), so dont go accusing me as "oh no, another crazed teenybopper".
  • The best actor!!!!

    He is the best!!!! H eis one of my fave actors and I think that everybody can agree with me when I say that he can act! He acted in all sorts of movies! He also plays a loveable character Jack Sparrow form 'Pirates of the caribbean'!!!! Can't wait for the third part!!!!
  • I love johnny depp.

    johnny depp is real talented he makes all of his charactors come to life. he is an amazing actor. from his early years on 21 jump street to his great years playing a pirate in pirates of the carribean 1 and 2. the world will aways remember johnny depp as talented and cute. gege
  • Johnny Depp? That's PERFECT!!! Johnny is such a amazing actor!!!!! Don't know what to say, anymore....

    Johnny Depp is PERFECT actor!!!! I love him (not so much like I love Matthew Perry)!!! He is soooo original. He is one of my favourite actors. And is't because he is sooo amazing, and original! He is really that fantastic, that I think, that every actor wants to work with him!!! he is one of the-all time greats!!!
  • He is so cool! One of the best actors I have seen in my life. I love all the movies he is in and I hope he will be in a lot more movies in his life. I would definitley watch them.

    He is so awesome and cute. I love his Pirates of the Caribbean movies and I can't wait till the third one comes out. I have seen a lot of movies that he is in. Some of them are "Sleepy Hollow", "Corpse Bride" (only the voice and of course "Pirates of the Caribbean". He is such a great actor and he should never give up. I have 4 sibling's so I might now how he feels about having brothers and sister's. I think he is so cool and everybody who thinks otherise is just weird. I can't wait to see the next movie he is going to be in and I will probably watch it. You are awesome Johnny!
  • johnny depp is the hottest man alive. he is very very good looking he is a great actor he is a good daddy and he is my faverite actor of all time.

    i think johnny depp is a great person, he is very hot and he is a devoted father. i also love pretty much all his movies and i love the show 21 jump street. it is like the best show ever. i also like the movies cry baby, benny and joon,pirates of the carribean 1 and 2, charlie and the chocolate factery, secret window, nick of thme,fear and loathing in las vegas, and sleepy hollow. i cant wait till pirates of the carribean 3 at worlds end comes out next may. i love johnny depp he is the best actor ever.
  • Johnny Depp is one of the best actors to ever have lived. and he's SEXY.

    Oh my gosh, where to start? First, i have to point out the obvious. This guy is gorgeous.

    His movies are awesome. My personal favorites are potc, secret window, edward scissorhands, and like... all the rest haha. He works with tim burton alot, which is really cool. Has anyone ever read any books about him? I have, and i really reccomend that you huge fans out there read Johnny Depp: A Modern Rebel, if you already havn't. It tells you so much about him, its awesoem.

    I also really love the fact that he really is a normal person. Everyone says that about celebities, but its not alwasy true. This time, trust me, it is.

    I love how he always picks the most unique, challenging rolls, and he doesnt seems to care if they flop.

    I considr this guy a hugley accomplished actor, and i hope i live to see him make many, may more movies haha, which im sure he will.
  • The most amazing actor in...the universe!!!

    I love Johnny Depp he is a movie making god! I know he hated 21 Jump Street so I won't comment on that but the rest of his career I will... I know he's kinda old for me (I'm 15) but he really is the sexiest man alive!!! He's afraid of clowns which is one of many things that I feel the same about... His almost 2 billion career has rocked this world... I loved him in Cry Baby that is one of my most favorite movies and it was a musical great! Better than Grease in my opinion... but my boyfriend would say otherwise... lmao He was great in the Pirates of the Carribean movies... The first one was better tho... Rest in peace Captain Jack Sparrow! Edward Scissorhands was a really cute movie... Edward was one of the original Emo guys... lmao but emo kids are cute so its a compliment ^_^... I love how Johnny will do anything for Tim Burton!...
    Johnny Depp also did an amazing job as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... I love how he fit so perfectly in those teeth and that hair... "Good morning Starshine the earth says hello!!" is my very favorite quote! another movie was Finding Neverland... it was heart wrenching at the end cause it was sad but the whole movie was so cute...
    His only animated movie The Corpse Bride was also really good it's amazing what johnny depp can do once he puts his mind to it...
    he can be crazy, he can be serious, he can have lots of fun, he can evn be mentally challenged if he wants to, or he could play a character based on Kieth Richards and Pepe le Peu... lmao and he also can beat out a scary rock star for the role of Willy Wonka that's right folks Johnny Depp beat out Marylin Manson for that role!!!
    There are so many movies of his that is haven't seen that I want to like Nightmare on Elm Street, Benny and Joon, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, and The Secret Window...
    I've seen both Biography Specials they've done on him... and I've watched every movie I could get my hands on (this is a work in progress) and I've even written a blog and contributed to this page... yes I am a major fan cause he's hot and and amazing excentric actor and I want to buy his autobiography... lmao I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!!! he's amazing!
  • Johnny Depp: Perfect in every way!

    Okay, so I first saw Johnny Depp on "21 Jump Street" when I was, like, eight. Nineteen years later and I am still in love with him! His movies have been terrific! My favourite one has to be "Benny and Joon". Oh, and also "Pirates of the Caribbean". And "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". And speaking of "Chocolat"... Anyway, he has such a way of making you believe he really is Jack Sparrow, or Willy Wonka or Sir James Matthew Barrie. He is such a talented actor. And it seems that with every passing year, he just seems to get more and more handsome.
  • Johnny is a original actor that has alot on his plate...he is an idol for actors and actresses alike and still manages not to be like the stariotypical star. He does not intentionally draw unwanted attention to himself and seems to be a nice man to know.

    Johnny is by far the best actor of his time...and most likely of the year's to come. His movies are all different which i beleive also helps him become a better actor. When watching his movies, you can tell that Johnny puts his whole soul into his fact one would say that it is not his job, but his passion. In an interveiw i read with Johnny, he stated that often, when preparing for a role he will talk in the voice of the actor for several months almost forcing himself to just act the part but be the part.
  • I think it's kind of sad if Johnny wants to retire at 50, i'm sure he won't lose his sex appeal. [laughs] He has been aging quite gracefully! Even if his hair does turn gray, he's still gorgeous! He can dye or not, he still looks great!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the third installment of the Pirates movie. I heard they already started filming it. [laughs] I'm so jealous of Keira, she gets to kiss both guys! She is envied by millions of women! Well, I'm sure she will end up with Will Turner because they met each other when they were like 8 years old...So it was Fate! [laughs] Well, I think Jack and Elizabeth have amazing chemistry even though Johnny found it awkward to kiss her. Keira said it was fantastic!
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