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  • Review of Johnny Depp.

    OMG, he is awful!!! I don't like his acting! (ok, well maybe he was ok in POTC, but that is it.) His Charlie and the Chocolate Factory role was bad too. I'm sorry, but I don't like him all that much. He isn't much of a good actor. Sorry. *sigh*.
  • I got to hand it to him...

    I got to hand it to him. I have never seen someone switch acting personalities so well. I would have to say that I did not like his performance in "Finding Neverland". Otherwise Depp has great acting abilities. Thumbs up to the great acting of Johnny Depp. Thumbs down to Finding Neverland.
  • Great actor and gorgeous too

    I looooove Johnny Depp! He's one of my favorites actors. But the movies which convince me of his talent wasn't the caribbean pirate's series & co. I saw them though, and he's acting is spotless. Anyway, if you truly want to see Depp's beautifuly performing you should rent/watch Sleepy Hollow or From Hell (this ones are my favorite movies with him). And oh, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was a wondeful movie too! The list could go on and on, I'm just resuming the ebst of the best. The conclusion is that he is an extraordinary actor, he more than proved his talent, he is looking very gooooooooooooood! His bad boy image (now cooled down)and that mistery aura is very atracting.. Yeah I know. I have to stop. Anyway. I hope you understood what I think of when I say Johnny Depp. Absolutely incredible. Those are the words.
  • Great actor.

    Weird but that is what I like about him. Very funny.
  • He plays all the deep roles now...

    but he is an all around actor for children to adult movies. I followed him a bit after Pirates, and his acting is a little weird to me, so it's pretty fresh. He knows his lines, and I'd say he's one of the few guys that CAN stand the heavy makeup and accessory. That's talent.
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    He is Amazing & Execellent Actor...
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    He is Amazing & Execellent Actor...
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    Hey Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow oh man good movie!! All right! Pirates! Great effects, great acting, great movie and great Johnny Depp!!

    God bless, Jeanette
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    This guy is an amazing actor. He can transform himself to any person he wishes to perform.
  • One of the funniest people I\'ve seen!

    One of the funniest people I\'ve seen!

    He has the best comedy!

    Especially on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    For Example:

    Charlie: We can eat the grass?
    Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp): Sure! Everything here is edible, even I\'m edible, but that would be caniballism.

    I want to see his comedy skills when I get the DVD for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
  • I have seen a couple of his movies.

    The first movie with him in it I ever saw was Pirates of the Caribbean. I have seen that and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, and Sleepy Hollow. I intend on seeing his next movie Corpse Bride. I think his roles are some of the best there are out there. You go Johnny Depp!
  • An inspiration

    I love him. i truly love him. when i heard that Jack Sparrow was actually Charlie, i was like "Gosh, Jack can do such amazing voice changes"
    i was kinda surprise to hear his voice in the animated movie: corpe's bride. i really enjoyed it. he can really potray his characters very well. his acting is awesome and simply superb and he can sing, oh my gosh. he is like one of THE most amazing person i have ever seen.
    People also say he is really nice so thats something right? I love Johnny Depp. He is a true inspiration to me and he is such a wonderful actor and guy
  • my respect for jonny depp and his work

    jonny depp has worked hard on all his films he always seams to give one hundred per cent in everything he does. For that i admire and respect him for his work. Jonny has worked with hollywoods ellite and yet is still down to earth. i wold love nothing more than to meet the man himself the great jonny depp who made pirates and pirate life so fasnating all over again. He can do anything he turns his hand to he now is even singing in the next depp instalment sweeny todd.I will admit the charlie and the chocolate factory was not his best work i am looking forward to the next tim burton and jonny depp colabration.
  • Johnny Depp, born 9th June, 1963 in Owansboro, Kentucky. Done 33 movies. American actor.

    Johnny Depp is one of my absolutly favorite actors. He has the ability to change into so many different sorts of people. In "Edward Scissorhands", to example, he is a sad and deppresed robot/man. In "Charlie and the Chocolat factory" he is kind of happy and crazy. His voice is wonderful and no one can say that they don't like his voice because he can change that to! In "Corpse Bride" he just have a voice role. He play the maincharacter and do it splendit! His last movie was "Sweeny Todd" and he is planning on do "The room diary" til 2009. I haven't seen "Sweeny Todd" yet but as soon that its on DVD I'm gonna buy it.
  • He's a great actor and a great Willy Wonka.

    Johnny Depp is soooo awesome!!! He can act and he's like really really great. I'd like to meet him. He's a really great actor and he does all kinds of movies. He's soooo great that everybody should applaud to him. Hopefully, he's gonna continue making more movies. You just gotta hand the hat to him.
  • Hot and talented. So awesome.

    God I loved him in Pirates of the Carribean. he is such a funny funny person and he was totally made for that part along with Orlando Bloom. He also seems like he is a nice person if you ever met him. But his life must be busy becasue he is one of those people who everyone knows if him and if someone doesn't know him they will be curious enough to find out who he is. But I still think he is a great actor and is totally hot. specially in that pirate costume. awesome awesome person. I love him. Just dont let my friend here me say that.
  • Great Actor

    Well Well Well Johnny Depp has got to be one of the best actors ever! hehe well he's brilliant in pirates of the carribean and im sure he caught every girls heart because i must say he is quite hot in it hehe. He is such a brilliant actor as he can place himself in every role that is given to him, changing his voices and making every character he plays extremly different from eachother! I'm 15 and a huge fan of johnny and i hope to see him in loads more movies in the future and he so didnt die in pirates of the carribean: dead mans chest!
  • Johnny Depp - Talented man

    Johnny Depp is a really famous man, and I believe that most girls my age love him for just his pirates of the carribean movies. I bet over 50 percent of them love him for his apperence and his Jack Sparrow Character. Yes, Johnny Depp is Very good looking for his age. But Pirates arent even his best movies. Far from it. Why dont you go rent out Benny & Joon or What's Eating Gilbert Grape, some of his less famous movies for this generation, and you will truely know that Johnny Depp is more than just a pretty face.
  • # 1 Fan Right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Absolutely am his #1 fan..

    I have a neon lime room dedicated to him alone..

    He is an amazing actor..Love Him n his work!!!

    My Biggest Dream is to meet him one day!!!

    God bless you Johnny!!! (& your family!!!!!!)
  • He's One of My Father's Favorite Actors.

    I cannot even begin to tell you what a grest actor Johnny Deep is. He is one of my father's favorites. He will watch one of his movies, no matter how bad it is, as long as he is in it. I try to get my father each and every one of his pictures. I find him very good myself. Why he never won an Academy Award for Best Actor is beyond my understanding. That is why it is with the greatest of pleasure for me to give Mr. Johnny Depp a perfect 10.
  • An Inspiration......

    Johnny Depp is an inspiration to anyone who has ever given him the chance to effect the way they think, whether it be through his movies, an interview they read that he did through something he recommended was a good read or whatever it is, Johnny Depp has been an inspiration to me since I was 5 years old and since then have been inspired by the way Depp just does his own thing no matter what, it has inspired me to be different and I love the way that everything Depp turns his hand too simply turns to gold. Depp is an extraordinary actor, and an amzing person with it.
  • One of the greatest actors alive.

    He is a phenomenal actor, just amazing. All of his characters are different and original (Captain Jack Sparrow OMG!) He obviously loves playing all this weird and eccentric people. In "Edward Scissorhands" he marked his first of many collaborations with director Tim Burton. They worked again in the fantastic "Ed Wood" a biopic about the worst director of all time. He also appeared in the surreal western "Dead Man".

    He appeared as FBI agent in "Once upon a time in mexico"

    And as a gypsy in "Chocolat" His motion picture debut was in the horror film " A Nightmare On Elm Street" a classic of the genre.

    He is fantastic.
  • Johnny Depp is one of the most amazing talents we have had the pleasure to watch on screen.

    Johnny Depp is an amazing actor. I have loved him since 21 Jump Street. I believe the first time I saw him was in Friday the 13th but his role was so small that I didn't really get an impression of him (other than that he was gorgeous). :P

    Over the years, Mr. Depp had taken on many challenging roles and he's always played them extremely well. He truly becomes the characters he's portraying. I don't think that there is any other actor who is more talented than Johnny Depp. I am repeatedly impressed by Mr. Depp. His movies range from silly to tragic, adventurous to thrilling and everything in between. He, quite simply, excels in every movie he appears in.

    Johnny Depp is a Hollywood legend. I think he is truly one of the best actors, if not THE BEST actor, right now. You will never be let down by a Johnny Depp movie.
  • Overall, Johnny Depp is definitely one of the greatest actors of his time. He takes the most eccentric roles he can find and plays them extremely well, to the best of his ability. Not one of his films fails to please.

    Johnny Depp has acted in over forty productions ranging from TV shows to huge multi-million pound films. Some of these include; 21 Jump Street, Platoon, Nick of Time, The Astronaut's Wife, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and most recently as Sweeney Todd in the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. In every single one of his roles, he never fails to captivate the audience and make them feel connected with his characters. One of the more well-known characters was Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Captain Jack captured hearts all around the world with his sarcastic comments and quirky ruggedness. He truly is one of the all-time greats and will always go down in history as one of the best loved actors of the 21st century. All his hard work paid off, because he's won countless awards and even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He truly is an inspiration to us all.
  • Johnny Depp is amazing!!!

    I personaly find Johnny Depp to be one of the best actors of all time. He is amazing on film. I think the one director who truly helps show his best quality as an actor is Tim Burton. I see every movie these two do together and imediatly fall in love with them. Tim Burton's movies are a little on the odd side and I think Johnny plays the wierd roles, that others don't like to play, the best. I think he really gets into his work and is therefore liked by many. Not only for his good looks but by how he really gets into his roles and goes for them. He draws in the audence. I think some other actors and actresses have a hard time doing this, they try so hard but just don't get it. This is why Johnny is a good actor because he gets you interested in the stories.

    This is my review on Johnny Depp as an actor. Thank you for reading and I hope you see what I see when you watch a Johnny Depp movie.
  • One of the most talented actors ever...

    Johnny Depp has got to be one of my favorite actors ever! He is so amazing! Not to mention good looking too XD. I like Johnny Depp, but I'm not obsessive over him like my friend's aunt is. She has seen every movie of him more than once, she has every article about him, every toy of him, etc. She's really crazy. Johnny is a very talented actor for more than one reason. What makes him so great is that he can be in every genre of movie (whether it's comedy, action and adventure, or horror) and he never seems out of place. Some of my favorite movies of his include: Benny & Joon, Sleepy Hollow, all three Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the Corpse Bride.
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    Johnny Depp is one of the most talented actors ever. Not only is he gorgeous, he's also completely down to earth, something you don't find that often in Hollywood.
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    johhny with burton makes the best movies
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    Johnny Depp is one of my most favorite actors ever. He's funny and talented and of course, everyone knows he is down right gorgeous!!!!! His acting is sensational bringing the characters to other dimensions, in all of his films. He seems like a great guy and loving father. I hope we can see much more great movies from him in the future!!! Looking forward to Sweeney Todd!

    Hot, talented, awesome, and father of two what else could this man be? Johnny has been through a rough times all his life. First he was somewhat of a "loner" at school johnny became a high school drop out in hope of starting his music filled life. But his dreams where chrushed because of the lack in work. After his meeting with Nicholas Cage Johnny got a part in A Nightmare On Elm Street. Later on Johnny took the role as officer Tom in the show 21 Jump Street. As the years went on Johnny has starred in many movies and is now married to Vanessa Paradis. All together Johnny has showed us a great deal of effort and I think he should be recognized for that.
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