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  • *Drool*

    I love Johnny. He is so talented and completely gorgeous. I have seen his tv series, and own it.. 21 jump street, and think it is great, i really like it and I think it was a very good boost for his carrer in films. Some people start out in films and become big tv stars, and for some it is the oppisite, like for Johnny. I love how he always insists on doing the different and unique roles, the ones some actors would neer do, and he ends up getting praise for. He gave up roles such as the role in titanic because being like leo, was exactly who he didnt and doesnt want to be. I love that about him. he is his own person, and he doesnt let anything change his views and what he wants to do. He isnt an Oscar slave, and only wants to do what he does, and actually be able to have fun while he does it. And when he does, everyone loves him for it anyway. He has my heart. He is a brilliant actor, with a brilliant face adn a brilliant personality
  • I got to hand it to him...

    I got to hand it to him. I have never seen someone switch acting personalities so well. I would have to say that I did not like his performance in "Finding Neverland". Otherwise Depp has great acting abilities. Thumbs up to the great acting of Johnny Depp. Thumbs down to Finding Neverland.

    johnny is my fav actor and he is the hottest! i love johnny in every movie ive seen him in except fear and loathing in las vegas. but he is sexy, o so sexy and he is a wonderful actor. johnny isnt recognized for his work nearly enough. well thats my opinion anyways. I Love You Johnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Review of Johnny Depp.

    OMG, he is awful!!! I don't like his acting! (ok, well maybe he was ok in POTC, but that is it.) His Charlie and the Chocolate Factory role was bad too. I'm sorry, but I don't like him all that much. He isn't much of a good actor. Sorry. *sigh*.
  • One of the funniest people I\'ve seen!

    One of the funniest people I\'ve seen!

    He has the best comedy!

    Especially on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    For Example:

    Charlie: We can eat the grass?
    Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp): Sure! Everything here is edible, even I\'m edible, but that would be caniballism.

    I want to see his comedy skills when I get the DVD for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
  • Johnny Depp is THE best acotr of all times! He is very professional about his acting. As well as all this, he is drop-dead-gorgeous and i just want to say, "Johnny Depp ROCKS!"

    Johnny Depp is Totally Amazing. He is the best actor of all times and i think he totally ROCKS!!!
    He is really good in the films: POTC, Eward Scissorhands, and Secret Window. He plays a completely different character in each one, and is brilliant at playing each individual one. He has true talent for acting, even though at the start of his career he was more into his music. (Does anyone know anything about his old band coz it would be so cool to find out about them!) I can't believe he was going to not go into acting, can you imagine POTC without Johnny Depp? Un-thinkable!!!
    Although he is old enough to be my dad, i think he is really fit! He looks about 20, let alone 43! He is really handsome, especially when he's wearing eyeliner! (POTC)
    I can't imagine the film world without him! Johnny Depp is the best!
  • He's a great actor and a great Willy Wonka.

    Johnny Depp is soooo awesome!!! He can act and he's like really really great. I'd like to meet him. He's a really great actor and he does all kinds of movies. He's soooo great that everybody should applaud to him. Hopefully, he's gonna continue making more movies. You just gotta hand the hat to him.
  • Johnny Depp is probably one of the best actors in the entertainment business and the only one that enjoys doing what he does because he does and not for the fame or an "oscar" he finds dreadful.

    Johnny Depp is my personal favorite. Someone who you can love or hate. An actor who loves to do what he does because he does and doesn't care what people think of him.
    Depp has a great knack for making his odd and wierd characters as wierd and odd as possible, such as the gold teeth with "pirates of the caribbean"'s Jack Sparrow and the strange sounding accent of "charlie and the chocolate factory"'s Willy Wonka.
    I also like how he isn't warped in the Academy Awards and would much rather have his kids play with the 'oscar' if he ever won it. I like how much he talks about his kids and how they gave him a reason to care about anything.
    I don't have too many actors I like because sometimes I only hear from some teen girls and some older woman how great a certain actor's abs, muscles, and looks are. But I like to go for a guy who has talent and is good at acting. And Depp is one of them.
  • Original, Talented, One Of the better actors out there.

    I think that Johnny Depp is original and very talented. I think that in every movie he has been in he has made that character be his own. I think that he is also very cute. Also i just saw his movie Finding Neverland And Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and there were great and perfect.
  • I have seen a couple of his movies.

    The first movie with him in it I ever saw was Pirates of the Caribbean. I have seen that and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, and Sleepy Hollow. I intend on seeing his next movie Corpse Bride. I think his roles are some of the best there are out there. You go Johnny Depp!
  • Brilliant Actor

    I disagree, i think Johnny Depp is one of the best actors to come out of America, and for those who disagree what kind of actors do they think can act. Hope they are not talking about the likes of Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise or Matt Damon. Johnny Depp Rules!!!! Sasparella
  • Johnny Depp is, of course, talented! He can act as almost anything! I loved him in that tv show "21 Jump Street". He is one of my all time favorite actors.

    I love Johnny Depp! Who doesn't? He is so Gorgeous!!! I love all of his movies. He is breathtaking! As I said, he can act as anything. He can be serious, funny, whatever! He can do it. He once said he does acting, not for the money, but for the art of it. He is not like every other actor out there. He is like a genius! He seems to pick the perfect role to star in. Whatever movie he is in, it's a hit. He is definitely a legend.
  • Johnny Depp is probably one of the best actors of the 20th century. He always picks characters that are challenging and portrays them perfectly. You can almost imagine that you are in the movie and he is standin right next to you. He makes any movie worth

    Johnny Depp is a god among actors. His work in films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and and Finding Neverland make those movies worth seeing. He improves a movie (even if the plot line sucks) by just acting in it. He is an example of what it means to be an actor.
  • He his the most talented actor ever!

    Johnny Depp is such a good actor! I have seen him in a lot of his movies. (Like Nicole Kidman) he takes in the roles like it is his own personality. When he was in Benny and Joon, he plays this man who likes to play around, and put on little acts, and in one of his more recent movies, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he plays a really weird man...the way he talks and reacts to things is so funny. That has to be one of my favorite movies he was in. But he is such a good actor...and no one could play the roles he does. And he is HOT HOT HOT!!!
  • He's rediculously GOOD!!!

    I've been obssessed with him after watching "Pirates Of Caribbean". He's a very talented actor. All his characters are completely different people with different personality. It seems like he's playing a dog in one movie and a cat in the other. He's incredible! He doesn't just "play" his roles, he IS his role!

    In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he must've studied a lot about Willy Wonka. Try comparing Willy with jack Sparrow. They are like two people from different planets! It's amazing how he picks his movies. Sometimes it's hard to imagine him actually auditioning.

    I've been looking for his interviews for a long time. I want to know who he really is. Yet I can't find any. He's such a private person.
  • omg isnt he just the best,and finest thing you ever laid your eyes on?

    johnny depp,mmmmm what is there to say besides, fine, funny, great personality, caring fine, cool, relaxed, fine, wait i already said that. well you get the point, he is to die for! that is one man i could marry!(i wish!ha) but other than that, he is a wonderful person on screen, and at heart, he cares about his career, and family,and i think that is what makes him unique. lots of love to johnny!!!!
  • This guy is amazing! Especially as Jack Sparrow! The real life Hollywood Chameleon!

    I loooooooooooooooove Johnny! I haven\'t seen all his movies, but from I\'ve seen, he\'s a definate Chameleon! I\'ve seen:
    Ed Wood
    Pirates Of The Caribbean (can\'t wait for sequels, EEEEEEEEE!)
    Secret Window
    Finding Neverland
    Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

    One day I hafta watch A Nightmare On Elm Street! I REALLY want to!

    Go Johnny! Keep making GREAT movies!
  • Johnny Depp is incredible, and will always be incredible.

    Johnny Depp is an incredible actor who can do anything. I've only seen 4 of his movies, but he is versatile. Anybody who can go from Jack Sparrow to Willy Wonka, and pull it off, can do anything. I discovered Johnny Depp was my favorite actor after I thought he did great in the movies I have seen him in. Like I said, he can do anything, since he\'s handled many movie roles well, and has gotten outstanding reviews for his movies. Johnny Depp is, as my classification puts it, one of the all-time greats. I love him, and he will always be one of my all-time favorite actors.
  • Johnny Depp is not afraid to step outside the box.

    Johnny always steps up a takes on roles that others may not be comfortable with, ie: a cross-dressing director/writer. I love that he doesn't let himself be type cast, and always takes on roles that chalenge him, and does a great job at it. Whenever I see a movie with him in it I am always blowen away, he always amazes me with his many personalities. Sometimes I don't even realize it is him in a movie until a few minutes in, and that is a good sign, because it means he is truly into the character, mentaly and physicaly. He truly is an amazing actor. Yes other actors are great to but in what they are good at, while Johnny can do it all, which is pretty rare even among the many greats.
  • He is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Johnny depp is awesome as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and that is very hot!!! and yet is he the most funny on that movie!!(the first one) which rock!!!i am very much looking forward to the second one coming out in July.
    Plus he is awesome is many of his other movies too like
    Sleepy Hollow and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.and at I though his one movie"From Hell" would be scary. Plus I think he looks like old person in his one movie"The Ninth Gate"and that all his movies rock The End!!!
  • he is such a babe!!!!

    johnny depp has to be the finest thing ever. he is such a brilliant actor...i fell in love with him when he was on pirates of the carribean because it was such a brilliant film and he looked so fine in it. i cant wait for pirates of the carribean 2 to come out in the cinema to see it.pirates of the carribean has such a brilliant ending to a happy it will be class what the new one is going to be like.and he was brilliant in the film blow aswell. but i didnt really like charlie and the chocolate factory.bit weird!!!
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Johnny Depp is my all time favorite actor. I love all of his movies. He was so funny in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and he was awesome in Pirates of the Caribbean. I can't wait until the new one, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest comes out. I am definintely gonna see it. The thing that I like best about Johnny Depp, are his looks. Oh my god! He's so hot! I love him! I wish I could make out with him! Overall, Johnny Depp is an awesome hot actor who will always be my favorite.
  • A great actor!

    Johnny Depp is one of the most maleable actors in Hollywood. You can pick from an array of characters, he is so diverse- which makes him a great actor. He's been a pirate, a writer, a teen rebel, etc. and he was able to own up to the character. He's one of my favorite actors and not to mention gorgeous! =)
  • Johnny Depp's easily one of the most versatile actors around. His ability to diversify himself into unusual characters and make them likeable is uncanny. One of my favorite actors, and easily one of the best around.

    Johnny Depp is probably one of the most diverse actors around. He could have taken the roles that actors like Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves take but he doesn't, because he wants to take a challenge. Which really makes you admire him as an actor. He was really good in Edward Scissorhands as an innocent young boy who is unfortunately born with two scissor arms. Depp is one of the few actors who are able to turn a character like Scissorhands and actually make him real and bring out the characteristics of Edward Scissorhands. Along with roles as Ed Wood, Gilbert Grape, Raoul Drake, Donnie Brasco and now recently Jack Sparrow, Depp has greatly impacted the worse of entertainment and movies and has become one of the premier attractions at theatres. He's one of the truly unique actors around.
  • who does not love him he has been in some many great movies

    he might be married and in his 40ds but can you really say that you done't like him he has done some off the best movies ever like sleepy hollow a cool mystery film made in 1999, Ninth Gate a totally cool movie with an alsome plot, Secert Window an interesting film that makes you think but still really cool, hes done a lot of other good films to but i have to say my favorite Johnny Depp movies are the Pirate of the Caribbean movies serously who does not love them they are the coolest movies out there. It also has a great plot about pirates ovously and it has a great cast to like Orlando Bloom and Kiera Nightly. And the best part of the movie is the way that Johnny Depp walks it is the coolest walk ever.
  • Johnny Depp is prolly one of the hottest actors of all time.

    Johnny Depp is definately an amazing actor ( not to mention HOT ). I have seen TONS of movie\'s he\'s starred in such as The Secret Window, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Pirates of the Caribbean (One and Two) and a lot more.

    He was an amazing actor in The Secret Window. In that movie he played a simple writer who goes mad and kills his ex-wife and her husband. (Okay, I\'m not good at summarizing movies)

    It was really awesome to see him go from crazy writer to drunk pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean. He played more of a funny character in this movie. Very good movie, too =].

    To sum this up, Johnny Depp is one of the greatest actor I\'ve ever seen.
  • He is one of a kind.

    Captain Jack, Sam, Edward, and all his other characters are one of a kind. Just like him. He prides himself in this as everyone knows.

    Johnny has a real calling in acting. Becoming each and every character he plays he shows a true flair for every aspect of film comedy, drama, you name and the man can portray it. His intense commitment shows this.

    His acting skills are beyond most actor of any time period, not only through his devotion, but through his on screen prescence. And prescence is the word. You feel as though you are right there beside him feeling the role right along with him.
  • One great actor that is gorgeous, talented, and plays a pretty good pirate. If you haven't seen at least five of his movies, then put that on your list of things to do before you die!

    One of the all-time greatest actors. All of his movies are excellent! Johnny Depp can play almost any role. His work in the resent Pirates of the Carribean movies is amazing as he does the perfect impression of a clever, but crazy, drunken pirate. To top all of that off no matter how old he gets he still stays GORGEOUS. If you haven't gotten the chance to at least five of his movies put that on your list of things to do before you die. He isn't one of those always-in-the-spotlight actors, he enjoys his fame but doesn't let it get to his head. In any words Johnny Depp is just awesome!!!
  • Johnny Depp is the most talented and handsome actor alive!

    I have always heard of Johnny Depp being named as talented and the most handsome man alive, but paid no attention to it. I just recently became a fan of Johnny Depp after seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I don\\\'t know why I never paid attention to him. After seeing him act in this movie I began watching many other movies that he has been a part of. I realized how amazingly talented he is, I don\\\'t know of any other actor that can play such a variety of roles. I don\\\'t believe it when he says that he doesn\\\'t take acting seriously, he is too talented to say that. I think it is crazy how he was a pen salesman who just so happend to be married to a friend of Nicholas Cage, who got Johnny into acting in the first place. So thank you Nicholas Cage! Not only is he an amazing actor, but he is definately the most handsome and also has a great sense of style. I can\\\'t wait to see what other movies he is a part of!
  • Wondeful! The best actor of all time. He is in so many wonderful movies. He can be making you laugh one minute, and making you cry the next. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. :) And very hot. Can\'t say that enough. :P

    Johnny Depp has got to be the greatest actor of all time. He has the ability to play so many different roles, and never faulter on one. And that wondeful way he adds things to his roles, knowing that everyones going to think it\'s a mistake at first, and make his character 100% better. Especially with Jack Sparrow. Like adding the word savvy (which a lot of people consider to be the main phrase of the movie) and turning to character into a wondefully funny, rum-loving pirate. His performance in 21 Jump Street, which is very frequently forgotten, was amazing. He played a very dramatic character. You could tell how much emotion he put into the episode Orpheus 3.3 It was just so heart-wrenching. I would recommend his movies to anyone and everyone. If you are just becomming familiar with his awesomeness, I would highly recommend that you watch Crybaby, Benny & Joon, Sleepy Hollow, Secret Window, Finding Neverland, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They are, in my opinion, his best movies. Also, make it a point to buy 21 Jump Street, all 5 seasons (mainly the first 4), and watch them intently. They are absolutey AMAZING!!! Have fun watchin\' Johnny. I know I do. :) ;)
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