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  • Great actor and gorgeous too

    I looooove Johnny Depp! He's one of my favorites actors. But the movies which convince me of his talent wasn't the caribbean pirate's series & co. I saw them though, and he's acting is spotless. Anyway, if you truly want to see Depp's beautifuly performing you should rent/watch Sleepy Hollow or From Hell (this ones are my favorite movies with him). And oh, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was a wondeful movie too! The list could go on and on, I'm just resuming the ebst of the best. The conclusion is that he is an extraordinary actor, he more than proved his talent, he is looking very gooooooooooooood! His bad boy image (now cooled down)and that mistery aura is very atracting.. Yeah I know. I have to stop. Anyway. I hope you understood what I think of when I say Johnny Depp. Absolutely incredible. Those are the words.