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  • Johnny Depp, born 9th June, 1963 in Owansboro, Kentucky. Done 33 movies. American actor.

    Johnny Depp is one of my absolutly favorite actors. He has the ability to change into so many different sorts of people. In "Edward Scissorhands", to example, he is a sad and deppresed robot/man. In "Charlie and the Chocolat factory" he is kind of happy and crazy. His voice is wonderful and no one can say that they don't like his voice because he can change that to! In "Corpse Bride" he just have a voice role. He play the maincharacter and do it splendit! His last movie was "Sweeny Todd" and he is planning on do "The room diary" til 2009. I haven't seen "Sweeny Todd" yet but as soon that its on DVD I'm gonna buy it.