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  • Johnny Depp is amazing!!!

    I personaly find Johnny Depp to be one of the best actors of all time. He is amazing on film. I think the one director who truly helps show his best quality as an actor is Tim Burton. I see every movie these two do together and imediatly fall in love with them. Tim Burton's movies are a little on the odd side and I think Johnny plays the wierd roles, that others don't like to play, the best. I think he really gets into his work and is therefore liked by many. Not only for his good looks but by how he really gets into his roles and goes for them. He draws in the audence. I think some other actors and actresses have a hard time doing this, they try so hard but just don't get it. This is why Johnny is a good actor because he gets you interested in the stories.

    This is my review on Johnny Depp as an actor. Thank you for reading and I hope you see what I see when you watch a Johnny Depp movie.