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  • he does better than 8.4

    whats wrong with you people only 8.4 he is a fun and great actor
  • what are wrong with leonards hands ?

    great show but I hate the hands.

    lik sheldon the best
  • memphiz 10

    he is hilarious! I like the transition from the Roseanne shoe to Big Bang Theory.
  • Great at making me hate him

    I remember his roles from Roseann to Big Bang, Who doesn't really (age pending). He is a good actor, I wont dispute that. If anything I could say he is great as I truly hate the Leonard character simply because he is annoying beyond word to me. I can see myself picking on the guy like some common bully because of the stupidity that exudes from his "genius" character. Johnny makes this happen through his acting. So Leonard sucks hardcore were as Johnny is a good actor so I guess you can say that Johnny makes it possible for me to hate Leonard as I do.
  • Date of Birth 30 April 1975, Bree, Belgium Birth Name Johnny Mark Galecki Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)

    Born in Belgium where his father was stationed while serving in the US Air Force. He moved to Chicago when he was 3 years old.

    In 1991, he starred in the made-for-TV movie Backfield in Motion (1991) (TV), which co-starred the production team of Roseanne and Tom Arnold. The next year, Galecki joined the cast of "Roseanne" (1988) as Darlene's sensitive and put-upon boyfriend, David.

    At the age of 11, he received a Joseph Jefferson citation nomination for his critically-acclaimed performance as John Henry in The Member of the Wedding.

    By age 7, he began performing in such prestigious theater productions as "Fiddler on the Roof", "Pippin" and "Galileo", opposite Brian Dennehy at The Goodman Theater in Chicago.

    Star/producer/writer Roseanne of "Roseanne" (1988) praises Galecki's "great vulnerability".

    Brother of Nick Galecki.

    Close friend of Sara Gilbert.

    Has a sister, Allison Galecki.
  • Loved him on Roseanne! Such a great actor.

    Johnny Galecki is a great actor. He showed such great talent on the TV comedy "Roseanne." He played shy, sensetive boyfried to Darlene. There on and off realtionship was often a storyline.
    I loved seeing Johhny Galeki on this show. He had to play the role of such a shy, soft-spoken guy, which must have been hard.
    I really think that he should have been made more than just a recurring role, but he wasn't. He was still a huge part of the show after moving in with the Conners.
    He now continues to act and does an amazing job.

  • underrated actor

    What the heck is so hard about pronouncing Galecki?

    Anyway, his role on Roseanne really should have earned him as part of the starring cast, not just recurring. The role was difficult to play against so many other characters with loud opinions but was well done.

    Looking forward to seeing him in other roles.