Johnny Lewis

Johnny Lewis


10/29/1983, Los Angeles, California



Birth Name

Jonathan Kendrick Lewis



Also Known As

Johnny K. Lewis
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Johnny Lewis is an American actor best know for his role in the 2004 movie Raise Your Voice that starred Hilary Duff. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and is the middle child to Divona and Michael Lewis.

When he was a teenager he made a…more


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    • Johnny: (about his roles) It's close to home. There's something about it which is really like, I didn't like, it's sort of like reveal your insecurities, your awkwardness, you know. We were like, nope no make-up. Acne is going to come through. You're dorky. You're never cool guy

    • Johnny: (about his character in "Palo Alto") He's like the epitome of me at fifteen, honestly. He's just so awkward, uncomfortable in his own skin… It's liberating, because you're not trying to do anything. You really don't have to worry about looking cool. You don't have to worry about posing or lighting or making a weird face when you laugh.

    • Johnny: I've never been part of the inception of a show that I've truly felt attached to. I'm sure if I did, then I'd be terrified… I'm comfortably analytical about it.

    • Johnny: (on working with Tom Arnold) He's great. I had no idea how it would come out. He did something totally different every time. We did six takes, each one was opposite. He would just riff for ten minutes. You have no idea where he's going, but it's really entertaining. He's a really unique guy.

    • Johnny: Our first job together was six years ago on a TV show no one saw. It was bad, but it was really fun. I think the way he [Adam Brody] put it was that I was the 'Oh God, Adam would never say that line. Let's give it to Johnny' character.

  • A funny actor who usually plays very orginal and interesting characters.

    Johnny Lewis came very familiar to me with his work on The O.C.. But I always knew he was familiar by his quirky ways and his crazy lines. THen I later found out he was in some of my favorite movies, Winning London and Raise Your Voice. Always playing funny sidekick parts he leaves you laughing with his unforgettable performances. He still is rather unknown but has starred next to many big name teens in his roles. I always enjoy his funny laid back character and I can't get enough of his wierd but fitting ways. His characters always seem to suit him and I cant wait to see more of him in the future.moreless