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  • Johnny Mathis is the epidomy of what great music sounds like. His voice is great and his styling reach listeners of all ages. Whether you are listening on the old vinyl with a turntable or yo have upgraded to CDs, Johnny Mathis does not disapoint.

    Joohny Mathis remains the greatest singer of all time. His voice and style have influenced crooners such as Luther Vandross and Brian McKnight. He may not get the recognition as Vandross or McKnight has earned in the R&B world but he remain a consumate entertainer that always delivers. I have grown up listening to his music and have went from listening to him on an LP on my turntable to listening to him on CD. My how times have changed. Johnny is great in concert and everyone should at experience him in concert at least once in their lifetime so they can see what a concert SHOULD be like. Not the head banging, loud music, everyone standing up and blocking your view like what the have gotten used to today. A Johnny Mathis concert is the epitomy of what great music, a great musician and wonderful arrangements should be. His style is smooth and his looks are great. Johnny does not age. And his music does not fade or disappoint. His Christmas albums are a MUST for all households, the music speaks to listeners of all ages. Johnny Mathis is a staple that should be a part of everyone's music collection. Whether it is the old wax vinyls or new CDs, it won't disappoint.