Johnny Pacar





6/6/1981 , Dearborn, Michigan

Birth Name

John Edward Pacuraru




Johnny Pacar was born Johnny Edward Pacuraru on 6 June 1981 to Judith and John Pacuraru in Dearborn, Michigan and raised in the small city of Wayne. As a child he was always into entertaining people. He excelled as an ice hockey player beginning at age 7 and playing into his mid teens, he always had the drive and dream to make it to the NHL. Although in his teens he began putting less focus on hockey and more devotion into music. In high school he formed a few bands driven by his punk rock influences, also getting into drama at school where he began doing high school and local theatre. Upon graduating from Wayne Memorial High School in 1999, he was encouraged to pursue his craft by his drama and film production teachers. After extensive studying and working odd jobs to save money he left Michigan for the smog polluted skies of Los Angeles in May 2001. After just two months upon arriving in LA, Johnny landed an agent, a national commercial and a lead in a feature film called _Purgatory House (2003)_ . He has done many TV guest appearances and a few feature films in the short time he has been in LA and continues to climb his way up the Hollywood ladder, as well as pursuing his love for music.
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