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  • oh my god this kid is so hot johnny pacar is a 26 year old living in hollywood when he was 7 he started as a hockey player and then eventully became an actor after he moved to hollywood he stared in sum films 1 called "now you see it"

    johnny pacar is a 25 year old actor he is handsome in many ways he sings and acts in movie 1 of the is caled "now you see it" it is a show on disney channel this show was about a kid who can do magic. anthor show which started this year around may 2006 the show is called "flight 29 down" this is about some kids who go down while on a plane trip and land on a islad while some of the kids go with the piolt others stay behind and learn to surive the are now filming there 2 nd season the shows are a hit and so is johnny pacar this guy even writes songs if you go to his page on my space or even look it up you could here some.
  • AMAZING!!!

    Johnny Pacar is an amazing actor/singer. He is a great actor, a great personality, great singer, and is on a great show Flight 29 down, and to top it off he is also cute. Watching him on Flight 29 Down makes your day alot better. Him and Kristy Wu in F29D and in real life are so cute together. I cant get enough of them together. He should have his own show and he is also one of the all time great actors out there. He usually plays "the bad guy" in some shows and in others hes the sweet guy. Watch him on some show appearances and check out F29D.
  • He's amazing!

    Johnny is so talented! He sings, acts, models, plays guitar...Is there anything this guy can't do? I doubt it! I love him in 'Now You See It...'! His acting in it was phenomenal! The character he played, Danny Sinclair, matched him perfectly. He, himself seems kind of mysterious and that is how his character seemed, least to me. In Flight 29 Down, both his acting and his singing, were amazing. And to believe he actually wrote that song! It fit the show and the experience of the characters on the show perfectly! The structure of the words was incomparable! He's amazing!!
  • This dude is cute and can act.

    I love the show that hes a main charcther that is coming to an end sadly which is flight 29 down. He plays the charcther Jackson, which is a guy who is kinda mysterious to the group of surviors. He was on the disney channel original movie now you see it but i never saw it. Hes been in some er and stuff in that catorgory. He's a cuie what else can i say and plays the guitar and can sing a little bit. With thoses talents he should get more jobs after flight 29 down ends. Johnny is talented.
  • Quiet, but great!

    Johnny Pacar of course plays on one of my favorite shows in the whole wide world, Flight 29 Down. And, he might play as a shy guy who hasn't ever really gotten out of his shell much, he is a fabulous actor and they should really give him a show after he finishes his role on Flight 29 Down. It may just be me, but he looks like a born leader. Then, after I do a couple of more reviews on the cast of this show, I'm gonna go to myspace music and listen to his new song. But I never knew he sung. So, if he can sing as well as he can act, I better hurry up and get to myspace!
  • johhny pacar definetly needs his own show...and is HOTT!

    johhny pacar is like the greatest actor of all times! he is soo talented and can act about everyt part. i thought he was wonderful(hott! hott! hott!) in now you see it! i even was a little jealouse of alyson michanca (can't spell...dotn;t care) because she got to touch him! i am a huge fan of johnny pacar! i loved him in pugatory house and definitly in flight 29 down! he definatly should get his own show in the future! i love him and looked him up on inter net at fav color is black..his eyes are blue..his b-day is june 6 1981..his height is 5'10''..his fav band is Strung Out and Avenge Sevenfold..his spord is ice hockey and snowbord...and he plays drums guitar and bass! hi fav actor is johnny depp!
    yes u could say i am obbsessed! i
  • I think that Johnny pacar shoud have his own show. Also I think that he is so hot.

    I think that Johnny pacar should most definetely have his own show. He is cute and he seems to have a rebellious, and kind guy. Even though i don't know him i think he would be awesome at having his own show. I also think that in the next season of Flight 29 down i think that jackson and melissa should go out.