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  • oh my god this kid is so hot johnny pacar is a 26 year old living in hollywood when he was 7 he started as a hockey player and then eventully became an actor after he moved to hollywood he stared in sum films 1 called "now you see it"

    johnny pacar is a 25 year old actor he is handsome in many ways he sings and acts in movie 1 of the is caled "now you see it" it is a show on disney channel this show was about a kid who can do magic. anthor show which started this year around may 2006 the show is called "flight 29 down" this is about some kids who go down while on a plane trip and land on a islad while some of the kids go with the piolt others stay behind and learn to surive the are now filming there 2 nd season the shows are a hit and so is johnny pacar this guy even writes songs if you go to his page on my space or even look it up you could here some.