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  • He is a kool bloke. He looks like my friend Ethan, that's why I'm doing a review on him to be honest lol... Well, I don't really want to write anything in the summary so I'm just using the characters, so I can write my review. Well I got to go now. Bye

    Johnny Simmons, has the same chin as me :P lol. Even thought it's not important, but it's rare for me to see people who have the same chin, same last name as my friend and has the same look as my other friend, who is famous lol. Other than that, I think he acted strangely on the set Evan Almight. He loves steve Carell, because he said he gave him a new bike (Well actually the whole entire cast of Evan Almight a new bike :P ). Good work for him on getting far and working with Steve, which I'm-jealous-of-lol.