Johnny Tillotson

Johnny Tillotson


4/20/1939, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

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  • Johnny Tillotson is a very talented singer who was one of the first singer/songwriters of the early teen idol days. Beautiful voice. Love his singing.

    Johnny has over 31 charted hits in the USA on the Pop and

    Country Charts alone including 14 Top 40 hits on Billboards

    Hot 100, and many were Top 10's on the Pop, Country and

    Adult Contemporary charts, his last song charting in 1984

    and he had an additional release in 1990, Atlantic Records

    "Bim Bam Boom". Many of his records achieved Gold status.

    The most recorded song he has written "It Keeps Right

    On A Hurtin" has been recorded by over 110 artists including

    Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Conway Twitty,

    Eddy Arnold, Billy Joe Royal (who had a hit on the country

    charts in the 1980's with it,)Boots Randolph and many,

    many more. He had #1 Hits in England, Australia, New

    Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries,

    this was in addition to his US hits. He's recorded in

    5 languages English - Spanish - Japanese -Italian and

    German. In Japan he had several #1's in both English and

    Japanese. He recorded the popular TV theme Gidget for

    the TV show of the same name starring Sally Field along

    with many other songs. He has appeared on many more TV

    shows than are listed here at, along with motion

    picture appearances and he has appeared in a vast array of print media. I believe this success and world wide popularity only proves his artistic ability and great singing style. Besides "Poetry In Motion" some of my

    favorites are "It Keeps Right On A Hurtin", "Without You"

    "Talk Back Trembling Lips", "Funny How Time Slips Away"

    "Earth Angel" "Empty Feeling" and the list goes on.moreless