Johnny Vegas

Johnny Vegas


9/11/1971, St. Helens, Lancashire, England

Birth Name

Michael Joseph Pennington


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Michael Joseph Pennington (born on September 11, 1971), better known as Johnny Vegas, is an English comedian from the Merseyside town of St. Helens. He is known for his random rants, his husky voice, his support of rugby league (St Helens RFC in particular), and his drinking of Bitter. more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Johnny's trademark is his hoarse, northern English accent.

    • Johnny's height is 5'7" (1.70m).

    • Johnny studied ceramics at Middlesex University.

    • His appearance with Dustin Hoffman at the Empire awards was voted the 88th greatest TV treat of 2003 by a Channel 4 (UK) poll.

    • Johnny featured ITV digital adverts. He played a guy called Al who's flatmate was a puppet monkey called, Monkey. The trouble was, everyone loved the adverts so much, they didn't even get ITV digital! ITV digital failed but Monkey enjoys cult status to this day.

  • Quotes

    • Johnny Vegas: I struggle as a writer and I'm convinced that if I was at school now I'd be termed as having ADS. Two minutes and I'm drifting.

    • Johnny Vegas: I got voted sexiest comic, but it was written up as 'isn't it weird how really ugly blokes can be strangely alluring?' Right - so I'm top of the poll of really ugly blokes that you want to sleep with but more out of curiosity than attraction.

    • Johnny Vegas: You hear these stories, like people will say 'so-and-so doesn't like eye contact' - I have to walk up and look at them on purpose! Where did these idiots sever their links with sanity?