Johnny Yong Bosch

Johnny Yong Bosch


1/6/1976, Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Birth Name

John Jay Bosch



Also Known As

Johnny Yong Bosch, Johnny Jay Bosch, Johnny Young Bosch, Kevin Hatcher
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Born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised in Garrland, Texas, Johnny Yong Bosch is a successful television actor, anime voice actor, and musician. He is best known for portraying Adam Park, in the once highly popular series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Johnny has also made subsequent appearance in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Johnny's first album with his band Eyeshine was How About That in 2006. The first full album was RED STRIPES WHITE LIGHTS released in February 2008.

    • Johnny starred in Extreme Heist, alongside Jason Narvy and Paul Schrier from Power Rangers, which was famous for its high-octane stunts. Johnny did all of his stunts, but he ended up with two cracked ribs, a twisted ankle, and nearly getting hit by a truck.

    • Johnny wrote, directed, and produced a movie called Stray in 2005.

    • Johnny worked along with Daniel Southworth, the runner up for the role of Adam Park of Power Rangers at the 1994 audition, on Broken Path. However, he did split his head during a stunt and had to have five stitches.

    • The place where Johnny auditioned for his Power Rangers role was at KD Studio, on July, 1994.

    • Johnny's famous "I'm a frog" line from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie was not in the script and was ad libbed by him, who was genuinely disappointed that he was given frog powers.

    • Johnny is married to Amy Bosch.

    • Over the course of Power Rangers, Johnny has been the second black Ranger of MMPR, the green Zeo Ranger, and the green Turbo Ranger.

    • Johnny is the second Power Ranger to appear in the videogame series Devil May Cry. The first was Daniel Southworth (Eric/Quantum Ranger in Power Rangers: Time Force) who voiced Vergil in Devil May Cry 3 and Credo in Devil May Cry 4.

    • Johnny motion captured and is the voice of Nero in the videogame Devil May Cry 4.

      In an interview he contemplated the difficulty of swinging a sword around with his left hand with him being right-handed.

    • With Johnny's appearance in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Johnny became the first ever leader that was a black ranger.

    • At the first ever American Anime Awards held February 24, 2007 in New York City, Johnny was nominated for two awards: Best Actor, for his work in Akira, Bleach, and Eureka 7, and Best Actor in a Comedy, for his work in Akira. Unfortunately he did not win in either category.

    • Johnny stars in the 2005 movie Devon's Ghost: Legend of the Bloody Boy.

    • Johnny enjoys playing soccer. In fact, he was a star player on his high school team.

    • Johnny was asked to "come down" and audition for the role of Vash in the anime Trigun. When he got there, he liked the look of the anime, decided to audition, and got the role, marking his entrance into the anime industry.

    • Johnny has stated in an interview that studio dubbing of anime is tougher than the live-action martial arts work he has done.

    • Johnny appeared in a total of thirteen conventions including (in chronological order) Wicked Games (A.K.A. Extreme Heist) in 2002, Otakon in 2003, Anime Boston, Anime Evolution, Anime Iowa, Metrocon, Youmacon, and AnimeFest all in 2005, and Ohayocon, Shiokazecon, Metrocon, and Anime Expo all in 2006. His most recent convention was at Power Morphicon in 2007.

    • As of 2006, Johnny resides in West Hills, California.

    • Johnny is 5'9" in height.

    • Johnny has three siblings, Cindy, who is older, and Michael and Diana, who are both younger.

    • Johnny is half-Korean on his mother's side and half-American on his father's side.

    • Johnny studied Shaolin Kung Fu in Texas under Master James Clark. It was actually Master Clark who showed him an advertisement in the newspaper about an audition for Power Rangers.

    • Johnny is the lead singer and lead guitarist of his band Eyeshine.

    • Johnny did the voice of Gray Gilbert in the video game Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness, Hans Grimm (Archer) in the video game Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, Rion Steiner in the video game Galerians: Ash, Yuki in the video game Grandia III, Guy in the video game Tales of the Abyss, and Richard Traydor in the video game Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

    • Johnny has stated a couple times that he enjoyed doing Vash on the anime Trigun the most out of his anime roles.

    • On July 2, 2006 Johnny hosted the Anime Expo Idol Show at Anime Expo in Anaheim, California.

    • Johnny's Power Rangers character was the last Ranger to use the original Black Ranger power morpher.

    • He was the only Ranger from the original Power Rangers to make a guest appearance on Power Rangers in Space - "Always a Chance."

    • At one time, Johnny dated fellow Power Rangers star Tracy Lynn Cruz.

    • Johnny was the third-longest Ranger in series history, lasting 143 episodes overall (including his guest appearance in "Always a Chance").

    • After leaving Power Rangers, Johnny became a popular voice actor. His most famous role is in the anime series Trigun. Currently, he is going to be the voice actor of Ichigo in the dubbed anime series, Bleach.

  • Quotes

    • Johnny: (on doing the voice of Vash in the anime Trigun, his first voiceover role) That was my first time to play animation stuff so it was tough. They gave me the first couple of episodes to watch, and Vash did a lot of screaming and high pitched voices...and he was crazy. I didn't really prepare, actually - I just went in to the booth.

  • he's had alot of roles on shows like bleach, trigun, and code geass.

    From Vash of trigun to Kuhn from .hack g.u. to Ichigo kurosaki from Bleach to Guy Cecil from Tales of the abyss I love all the characters he does. He's very good at being the philanderer which there is one in almost every anime or videogame. But I also think that he's great as the main character in Bleach. He's really good at being serious or silly. I hoped that he would get a job as one of the characters for the funimation one piece dub but that got cancelled so that sucks. I think he'd be perfect for the role of sanji since sanji's character is sarcastic and a really tough but loyal fighter and a philanderer. I hope he gets more vo jobs in the future. he just recently was a va for tales of symphonia 2 knight of ratosk. too bad that game sucks. He only got to be the split personalities va which everyone perferred over the girly voice they had as the regular personality.moreless
  • His voice drew me in to watching the series. I watched Trigun when I was younger and hearing his voice stopped my channel-surfing instantly. I then attached myself to the show and have watched every dub and sub since.moreless

    His voice for Bleach is not as fitting as his Japanese counterpart; however, he does a splendid job besides. His voice for Trigun was exceptionally fitting for Vash's character. It was spot on in moments of comedy and drama.

    I follow his exploits loyally and listen for his voice whenever I change channels or tune into a new show. It brings a smile to my face whenever I realize that it is in fact Johnny Yong Bosch speaking.

    I anxiously await a few choice scenes in Bleach wherein the words I read in the sub are so fantastically exciting that thinking about JYB saying them in English makes me jump for joy (almost literally).

    I am biased, perhaps, but he is definitely in my top three voice-actors of all-time.moreless