Johnny Yong Bosch





1/6/1976 , Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Birth Name

John Jay Bosch




Born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised in Garrland, Texas, Johnny Yong Bosch is a successful television actor, anime voice actor, and musician. He is best known for portraying Adam Park, in the once highly popular series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Johnny has also made subsequent appearance in some of the later Power Ranger series, including Power Rangers: Zeo, Power Rangers: Turbo, Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers and Power Rangers: In Space.

Some time after Power Rangers, the Shaolin Kung Fu practicing Johnny met and married his current wife Amy Bosch and in 2000 he entered the world of anime voiceovers. His first voiceover was his most famous thus far, Vash the Stampede in the acclaimed anime series Trigun. From there, Johnny went on to do numerous other main roles in anime while continuing in his alternative rock band called Eyeshine. Some of his other anime roles include (but are not limited to) Renton Thurston in Eureka 7, Maiku Kamishiro in Please Twins, Haruto Sakaki in Witch Hunter Robin, Kiba in Wolf's Rain, and most recently Ichigo Kurosaki in the immensely popular anime Bleach, and at the same time doing the voice of Leloush Vi Brittania of another anime Code Geass: Leloush of the Rebellion. He was also the voice of Kuhn in the second dot. hack series of games, Dot. Hack G.U..