12/20/1990, Foxboro, Massachusetts

Birth Name

Joanna Noelle Levesque



Also Known As

JoJo, Joanna Levesque
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Joanna Levesque was born in Foxoboro, Mass. She began singing at the age of 2 by singing nursery rhymes while her mother accompanied her on the piano. She got her big break when she got a spot on Bill Cosby's Kids Say the Darndest Things in Boston and…more


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    • Jojo: I travel a lot, so my skin can get dried-out on planes!

    • JoJo: I would like to do a really big production.

    • Jojo: People do compare me to Aaliyah and I take that as a compliment. She was a beautiful amazing talented young woman, I think she was just starting to show what she could do.

    • Jojo: I've never had lessons. I've been singing since I was 2. I would drive people crazy. I remember singing for the ladies in the nail and hair salon my nana and aunt used to go to. They'd give me a dollar to sing and then I wouldn't stop. Then they'd be like, 'OK, kid, shut up.'

    • Jojo: Being a singer has always been my dream.

    • Jojo: Someone did a piece on me and they call me Christina meets SWV. Those were great comparisons. So I was happy with that.

    • Jojo: I feel very close to Aaliyah. I always loved her music and now I'm working with some of the same people she did. But I try not to style myself after anybody. I'm just trying to be myself.

    • Jojo: I like a guy who can survive the streets. I like to feel like if I were ever in trouble, he would help me. I like to feel like a guy is a real dude-dude.

    • Jojo: I'm not Britney mark two. It's unfair that people compare us. I guess we are both young artists but we're totally different.

    • Jojo: People say that my music is too mature but I think people really knew what went on in junior high and high school. It's not too mature.

    • Jojo: All the photos I've taken have been tasteful. If you show a lot of skin when you're 13, when you're older, when you're 16 or 21, what do you have left to show?

  • Love her songs! Very talented for a young age!

    I LOVE her! She's amazing her singing style is unique! her voice is very wonderful! and her acting is very nice! The first song I ever heard from her was "Baby it's you" I was like "Whoa! Awesome much?" then I started listening to her songs and I love them all! The lyrics is nice and her voice was amazing! She should be in musicals! And when her new Album came "The High Road" I listened to every song and my heart was flying to heaven! I love her song "Too Little too Late" it was so sad! her music video also was awesome! Her acting is very nice! she did a great job in aquamarine! Can't wait for her next album!moreless
  • Seriously, how can someone be that good?

    Believe it or not, I never knew JoJo was a singer until I realized a song I got from a friend. It was "Get out (Leave)". I was amazed at how…talented she was. Seriously, how could that be possible.

    The first time I ever heard her song was "A Little Too Late". I loved it. I thought was creative and so nice to listen to. A movie that sticks out in my mind is "RV"; she played a selfish daughter. Her character reminded me of my father and me always fighting. So, it stuck out well for me. I think she's really awesome and her career is just too great to stop now.moreless