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    • Jolene: (On securing her first TV role) I'm excited, though extremely overwhelmed about securing such fantastic job on a major Australian drama, I really can't believe my good luck, and look forward to refining my acting skills and learning from the All Saints cast... the cast have been very welcoming and I'm really having fun being the new girl on set.

    • Jolene: (On her All Saints character Erica.) Erica is a sweetheart, a ray of sunshine in the ER Department. Considering how manic the place can be I'll be surprised if there's a co-worker who doesn't warm to her.

    • Jolene: (asked for the highlight of competing on "It Takes Two") Week four, when we sang Love Will Keep Us Together: In rehearsals, David (Campbell) told me I had more to give, so I started mucking around with the song - really over the top - and he shouted at me, "That's where it's at! That's where you need to sing from all the time!"

    • Jolene: (her fondest Christmas memory) Returning home after a year in Japan. It was so special to catch up with my family and friends after such a long time away.

    • Jolene: (on the best Christmas present she's ever received) A set of beautiful Derwent coloured pencils - because I loved to draw.

    • Jolene: (her secret TV addiction) The Bold And The Beautiful. I used to rush off the bus after school to get home on time to watch it.

    • Jolene: (her favourite TV character) I'd love to be Sarah Jessica Parker on Sec And The City. I want her New York apartment, her wardrobe - and her shoes!

    • Jolene: (her TV crush) Billy Warlock, from Baywatch. I was 12 and he was the biggest spunk!

    • Jolene: (her favourite TV shows) Australian Story - it's about real people and their life stories. I also watch Sunrise and I watched extras, which I could really relate to because it makes me feel like I'm at work.