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  • Lip augmentation does not offset acting impairment

    As a vulcaness, a dead pan delivery without emotion is an asset. As any other character, it's a liability. What was she thinking when she got a lip job? Do people really believe that wearing two slug worms around their mouth orifice is endearing? Perhaps Wholly Weird convinced her that caricature is the same as character. She's now a caricature of her self.

    After catching her on Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, and recently, on House M.D., I am convinced that she needs corrective brain augmentation and talent infusion. It could be worse, though. She could have her own television series to drive into the ground... on NBC.
  • since i first started watching enterprise i never thought that T`pol (Jolene ) would do what valcon were not suppose to do , get in valved with humans. but i was supprised when her an Tripp actualy got down with each other she should have married tripp.

    this is one of the best shows that i have ever watched on a Monday night and i hope that it contiues . i want to see what happened with T`Pol and tripp as time goes by . they make a perfect cuople. ala in all the new enterprise is going to make it big if it hasn't already.the seences are much better and the outspace explorations are differant than the old show ever was. it sure would be great if i could become one of that crew just to see what it is like to fly threw out space.
  • Jolene, where are you?

    The only exposure I have had to Jolene Blalock so far is her appearance on one of my favorite shows "ST: Enterprise", as the Vulcan Science Officer T'Pol. It's hard for me to determine her acting range as her performance is required to be stale as the emotionless Vulcan, driven by logic. Although I can't get a great sense of how she would perform in other shows, or maybe even other genres, I would LOVE to see her in more. I have a lot of faith in her abilities as an actress and the mere fact that she is eye candy doesn't hurt either.
  • I like how you act T'Pol. You're amazing...

    I like wery much SF series, as Startrek Eterprise. Even if there are a lot of movie celebrities, Jolene got me a true very good impression, how she act, all style.
    I hope "Enterprise" saga will continue(season 5 :)...with the same distribution. Good luck to you!

    P.S.: I have al four season of Startrek Enterprise, original DVDs
  • Jolene is a class act and a joy to watch. She has a lot of good things coming her way.

    I didn't know who Jolene was until she was cast as T'Pol on "Star Trek: Enterprise." At first I wasn't all that impressed with the look they had for her on the show. I thought she looked almost boyish...TOO much like Spock, at least when she wore the catsuit. (The "decon" rubs were a different story.) However, I thought her acting was excellent and she played a Vulcan very well. Then they changed her look in the third season, and I was wowed. (Actually, it was her idea to make her eyebrows more Vulcan-like without telling anyone, and nobody said anything, so they stayed.) She was a stunning, sexy, beautiful Vulcan! Who could have known it was possible? Plus, she had a little attitude and passion. How can you beat that? Later I saw some other acting appearances she had, and it was great to see her in non-T'Pol roles. I really think she has a lot going for her, and good things will come. To top it all off, she's an absolute sweetheart in person.
  • Jolene Blalock is great! I adored her as the serious Vulcan T'Pol, on Enterprise. She played the role to perfection.

    T'pol and Tucker were my two favorite characters in Star Trek: Enterprise. Jolene Blalock made the perfect Vulcan. Loved the whole "Triptophan" storyline too, and how she struggled with having to deal with her emotions for the first time. Blalock is clearly very talented, and I hope we see her in a new show soon. On a side note, I couldn't believe that in real life she really has long blonde hair, haha! Her Vulcan haircut is so cute (I have short hair myself and was oh so close to getting one just like it!). I'm really sorry that Enterprise ended on such a bleak note. The writers could have done the cast a lot more justice by staying true to the characters, and giving T'pol and Tucker the wedding they (and the fans!) deserved.