Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi


3/2/1962, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

John Francis Bongiovi



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John Francis Bongiovi
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Jon Bon Jovi began as a kid from New Jersey with a dream to be a rock star and has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. He has a stable family, married to his high school sweetheart with 4 children. He has many titles in his professional life: Musician,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jon's first band was called "Raze".

    • Jon was seven years old when he received his first guitar and he threw it down the basement stairs.

    • People Magazine has chosen Jon for several honors over the years:

      2007: He was named one of the 100 Sexiest Men Alive.
      2000: He was named the Sexiest Rock Star.
      1996: He was named one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

    • Before Jon made it big in the music world, he dealt marijuana in New Jersey. When a bad experience with some marijuana being laced with PCP, Jon stopped using drugs.

    • In November 2007, a rumor began that Jon has plans to run for Governor of New Jersey sometime in the future. This was partly based on that fact that he moved to SoHo, but has kept his home in Red Bank and hired the same PR person as the former mayor employed.

    • After NFL star Michael Strahan from the New York Giants coached Jon's son's football team, Jon re-payed the favor by performing at Strahan's Take The Field Foundation benefit.

    • In 2001, Jon was given an Honorary Doctorate in humanities degree from Monmouth University in New Jersey, based on his success and charitable works. That same year, Jon was named Humanitarian of the Year by the Food Bank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties for his charitable work on behalf of the people of New Jersey.

    • Jon stated that his role model was Frank Sinatra. Jon notes that this is the guy he aspires to be half as cool as for half as long.

    • Bill Belichick, Head coach of the New England Patriots, is one of Jon's closet friends.

    • Jon has his own recording studio named Sanctuary Sound. It was originally built in the basement of his Rumson ranch home. When Jon moved to a new home in 1999, he renovated the 8-car garage into a state of the art recording studio and christened Sanctuary Sound II. The entire Crush and Bounce albums were recorded here. Other artists who have used this studio include Southside Johnny, Skid Row, SR-71, Billy Falcon and Mariah Carey.

    • Jon has an English Pub on his property, named the Shoe Inn. It was a caretaker's cottage, when Jon bought the property; he converted it into a pub. He has a pinball machine, jukebox, pool table, dartboard and working bar in the pub. Jon is the bartender and this pub is closed to the public; it is open only to friends and family.

    • Jon's dog is Copper, a Rottweiller-Shepherd mix who was rescued from the pound in 2000.

    • Robert Hegyes is Jon Bon Jovi's cousin. Hegyes is best known for his role as Epstein on Welcome Back, Kotter.

    • Blaze of Glory wins the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD for Best Song from a Motion Picture. This song also won the American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock single in 1990. It was also nominated for a Grammy and an Oscar in 1990/1991.

    • The acoustical versions of Livin' on a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive that Jon and Richie Sambora performed at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards is widely acknowledged as being the genesis for MTV's Unplugged series.

    • Jon auditioned for the role of Ashe in Crow: The City of Angels (1996), but was beat out by French actor Vincent Perez.

  • Quotes

    • Jon: My wife says, "The devils not going to be red and have the horns, he's gonna look just like Sambora". (Jon motions with his hand to come here)

    • Jon: (Revealing he is panicing at losing his hair) Oh, let me tell you, I am so worried. I look at guys like Sting and think, 'Well, he's cool about losing his hair,' but I'm already losing a bit and I'm so aware of it. Someone told me that you have to regularly massage your scalp so I do that all the time. You look like a jerk but it's got to be worth a shot.

    • Jon: (On his neighbor teaching him to play the guitar) He asked me, 'Why do you want to learn to play?' I said, 'To get chicks, what else?' 'Good thinking', said Al, and the first song he taught me was 'House of the Rising Sun.' I was never very good at picking up girls, and I'm still not. I had no lines, so music was my method.

    • Jon: (talking about Richie Sambora) We've been through everything together and there was no way that we were not going to be there supporting Richie right now, and that's what we're doing. You know, it's one day at a time like everything else. He's been through the fire, and we've been there for him.

    • Jon: I am the Elvis Costello of movies and Tom Cruise in my music. I've been critically acclaimed in most of my television and film work, but I didn't sell any movie tickets, and with the band, it's like Tom Cruise - I've had all the commercial success you could dream of, but hey, the guy still doesn't have an Oscar. Whatcha gonna do?

    • Jon: (The reason he stayed in New Jersey) Well, NJ for me is home. Though I've been fortunate enough to live in other places, they were houses and not homes. I'm accustomed to the changing of seasons, football teams, bagels...LOL. I have no reason to want to leave.

    • Jon: (If he could have anyone living or dead to make the ultimate band and album) John Lennon would have to be in there, Elvis would have to be the singer. Songwriter, let's think about that for a minute. know what, I can't do that one. I can't think of my name right now.

    • Jon: (His favorite part about making an album) Writing the songs is absolutely my favorite part. You usually know when a good song has been written, and you're very anxious to start the recording of that song. At times the song will surprise you.

    • Jon: (Looking back on his career) It baffles me that all those people have bought our records. You put a number on it and start talking in hundreds of millions of records and think, "Is that possible?" You wonder if it's hype. Then you do something like American Idol and all those [contestants] are singing your songs and they're putting their whole game on the line singing your track. It's quite humbling, to be honest with you.

    • Jon: (What goes through his mind when his on stage) If it's a perfect night I'll think about anything but the show. It's an out of body experience that will have me planning the party at the bar or the restaurant we'll go to. If I'm thinking about the show something's going wrong.

    • Jon: (The secret to their success) If I knew that I'd bottle it and sell it.

    • Jon: (The process of selecting songs) You can't be repetitive. So if the subject matter has been covered before it's difficult to repeat yourself. You also want to say something that you won't mind singing in 20 years from now. The rest really was decided easily as the best songs do rise to the top.

    • Jon:(What the CD Bounce represents) It's a title that leaves itself open to interpretation. The idea behind it was the listener owns the record not just because they purchase it but because they make it their own like the way I felt when I was a kid and lived for the albums of my favorite bands. In the most simplistic form Bounce could mean the action of a ball or a kid jumping up and down or it can address the resiliency of the band or even our country in the face of adversity.

    • Jon (on his jacket): If you saw this coat on the rack you'd say, 'I could wear that.' You don't have to be a rock and roll star to do it. We modernized it a bit, toned it down a bit.

    • Jon (on earning money for charity): We've built 49 houses thus far in the last year, year and a half. After tonight's money, we're gonna build a lot more.

    • Jon: Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.

    • Jon: Tonight I'll dust myself off, tonight I'll suck my gut in, I'll face the night and I'll pretend I got something to believe in.

    • Jon: Piano playing is a dying art. I love the fact that I can be one guy with one instrument evoking an emotional and musical experience.

    • Jon: If you wanted to torture me, you'd tie me down and force me to watch our first five videos.

    • Jon: What drew me to politics in the first place was the fact that I wanted to have a place to take a stand and use my voice to express what I believed in. But I've no longer got any political aspirations. I feel that as a politician, fifty per cent of people would hate you before you even left the house.

    • Jon: This is the way I look at sex scenes: I have basically been doing them for a living for years. Trying to seduce an audience is the basis of rock 'n roll, and if I may say so, I'm pretty good at it...Plus, being married and monogamous, it's the closest thing I can do to having sex without getting in trouble for it...The only thing I like more than my wife is my money, and I'm not about to lose that to her and her lawyers, that's for damn sure.

    • Jon: If people have to tell you how successful they are, they really aren't that successful. That's something I learned sweeping floors at this recording studio called the Power Station. Mediocre stars were the biggest pricks, and the big stars were the ones who came in and said, 'How're those demos going?' - Keep pushing.

    • Jon: My real friends and my family know that if I'm not working I'm miserable. It's not for monetary reasons. I already have fame and fortune. Now I want to find the greatness in things - which is why I was attracted to the arts in the first place. Slowly, I have fallen in love with acting.

    • Jon: I would love to be able to do both (acting and making music). If I look at someone like Sinatra, who toured until he was 80 and made 60 movies, that would be a great life to have.

    • Jon: (On being shy) Introverted maybe, but incredibly focused to do whatever it is that I want to do. If it's to go running this morning or to drink tonight, it's gonna be the whole bottle. I don't sip

    • Jon: Do you really want to know why I'm doing all this goodwill, and why I'm an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity and why I gave a million to (relief efforts for Hurricane) Katrina? It's because I feel guilty about the huge hole in the ozone layer my haircuts created. It's my responsibility to right the wrongs of the Eighties.

    • Jon Bon Jovi: I can't dance. I'm more Mick Jagger than Britney Spears.

  • bon jovi is just a.w.s.o.m.e

    Bon Jovi is just one of those bands that are always going too seem timeless. Sure there music has changed over the years, it grown too the society that we live in today, but wether your 15 or 55 you are always gonna love these guys. There music is seriously addicted. it gets under your skin and then all you want too listen too is them! and there new CD...its just amazing. its has those songs on it that just give you shivers and your sad when the song ends. So for me ya, Bon Jovi will always be one of the best rock bands!moreless
  • Jon Bon Jovi is the lead singer of Bon Jovi, a famous rock band.

    Okay, I keep saying I want to write a review about someone I like on their birthday, and today is March 2, so here I go. I think Jon Bon Jovi is awesome! First, I think he is an amazing singer with a very unique and able voice, and I love his band's music. Second, it's so cool how he was just a nobody who actually had to work for his fame and fortune and that it wasn't just handed down to him. And even after his countless successes, he is still very down to earth about it. Third, it's so cool how he's a family man and how much he does for charity. I saw his music video for "Who Says You Can't Go Home" that he did when his band helped build houses for underpriviledged people in Philadelphia and highly reccomend anyone who likes helping others to watch it. I think it's on YouTube. I could go on all day, so I'm going to stop now. Bon Jovi, if you are reading this, know that I am a huge fan and that I wish you a happy birthday!:)moreless