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    • Jon's TV commercial credits include 2010's NZ ING (for Australia) and for AMI, as well as 2009's for My Sky HDi.

    • One of the favorite plays that Jon has performed in is the Silo Theatre production of Cloud Nine. He performed several roles, changing from the stuffy colonial Englishman and patriarch Clive in the first act to Cathy, a five year old girl in miniskirts in the second act. The production won rave reviews from all the local critics.

    • Jon has been featured on several Xena trading cards from the episodes "The Dirty Half Dozen" and "Vanishing Act".

    • Part of Jon's routine before a stage performance is stretching exercises. He finds that his body cramps if he doesn't stretch out properly.

    • John has performed in numerous short films, including:
      Auld Lang Syne 2004 Dir. David Gunson
      Seeing Red, "Charlie", 1995, dir. Annie Goldson
      Perchance to Dream, "Carl", 1995, James Wallace Prod
      Game with No Rules, "Gun Merchant", 1993, dir. Scott Reynolds
      The Imploding Self, "Hospital Doctor", 1992, Meridian Films

    • Jon was on of the actors for the Jolt radio drama series, performing the role of the Doctor. The show was directed by Prue Langbein.

    • Jon's skills include swimming, horseback riding, singing, and dancing.

    • Jon's theatre credits include:
      (2004) Equus Auckland Theatre Company
      (2004) Under Milkwood Silo Theatre
      (2004) Shopping and F**king dir. Stuart Devine
      (2004) Cloud Nine 'Clive/Cathy' Silo Theatre, Dir. Caryl Churchill
      (2003) Lolita 'Humbert' Silo Theatre, Dir. Colin Mitchell
      (200@) Black Comedy 'Colonel Melkett' dir. Nick Black
      (2002) Richard III 'Lord Stanley' dir. Murray Lynch
      (2001) Rosencrantz & Gildenstern "Player" ATC
      (2001) Middle Age Spread 'Reg' Downstage, dir. Steven Ray
      (1993) Romeo and Juliet "Mercutio" Herald Theatre
      (1993) Aphrodisia "Dancer" Michael Parmenter
      (1992) The Door in the Air "Ringmaster"
      (1992) Albert Park Weed "Hugh" Northern Theatre
      (1992) The Lucky Spot "Carmichael" Maidment
      (1992) Shadowlands "Priest/Dr Oakley" Mercury
      (1989) Ladies Night "Craig" National Tour

    • In 2000, Jon won "Best Supporting Actor" at the New Zealand Film & Television Awards for the movie Scarfies.

    • Jon is 5'10", with graying brown hair and hazel eyes.

    • Jon speaks Maori.

    • Jon is represented professionally by the firm Auckland Actors

  • Quotes

    • Jon: (on his preparation for acting in a play) Before rehearsals begin I read the play as often as possible. Sometimes you are cast in a part months in advance, sometimes just days, so time is a factor in the amount of preparation that can be achieved. Ideally, with lots of time, I like to research the time the play was written and is set. The literature, art, politics, etc. of the times. Some stuff stays with you- you filter out what you think is appropriate and discard other ideas.

    • Jon: [People] do try to shy away from emotions but as human beings we are unable to, a lot of the time. We all have an emotional response.

    • Jon: (on his role in the controversial play "Shopping and F***ing") In a strange way I am the only normal person in the play. I am pulling all the strings and that's the part I like.