Jon Buehler

Jon Buehler


5/8/1980, Scottsdale, Arizona (USA)

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Jon Buehler


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Jon is a nightclub owner in Scottsdale, Arizona. He appeared on the hit CBS television series The Amazing Race 6 with his girlfriend Kris. Jon is very athletic and is a graduate from Arizona State University. Jon and Kris were they most popular team on the show (according…more


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    • Buehler: A lot of the other contestants have said that they wish they enjoyed the race more instead of arguing. But you know, to each their own. We just tried to stay away from the negativity that was going on at certain times and run our own race.

    • Buehler: Before the race, we wanted to get on the same page, so we trained together and ate together to get ready for the whole thing in general. We wanted to be a tight unit going into the race and be ready for whatever they were going to throw at us.

    • Buehler: It's very inspiring. It inspires us to continue on with how we are and to just stay tight and respect each other. It's a great thing and it's neat to see that everyone saw our relationship and really appreciated how we were with each other.

    • Buehler: When all you have is the phone to communicate, you learn a lot about somebody else over the course of several hours. We built an excellent friendship above all.

    • Buehler: I ran the race with my best friend and you can't ask for anything better than that.

    • Buehler: We've always enjoyed each other's company, and we really just loved being there and having the opportunity to enjoy this experience.

    • Jon Buehler: We don't like negativity.

    • Jon Buehler: It was an unbelievable experience. And now we're ready to take on the world.

    • Jon Buehler: You're in all different climates, and you have to carry everything with you. You have to pack light but be very strategic with what you bring. We took our backpacks, terrain shoes, all-weather jackets, power bars and very lightweight sleeping bags. The sleeping bags came in so handy.

    • Jon Buehler: We are very competitive people and we wanted to win. Our goal was to finish the race and not be eliminated. But we knew in order to do that we had to stay tight and work together. People all around us were losing it, but we tried to deflect all the negativity and do what we needed to do.

    • Jon Buehler: You're in all these crazy situations, so you have to be in shape. One time, Kris had to wash a window on a 45-story skyscraper just to find a clue. And she jumped out of a plane in Hawaii. We trained really hard before we started the race.