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  • You talk about HOTTTTT!!! Cryer is IT! Not too mention darned good-looking all on his own. The only talent who could possibly pull off opposite Charlie Sheen.

    I have absolutely loved Jon Cryer since the first movie I saw him in: The Last American (1981), follow by the string of hit 80's classics he appeared in, after. At one time, he was seriously considered a part of the legendary Hollywood teen 'Brat Pack', not certain what happened with that.

    And he's even HOTTER today. Each TAHM episode I only fantasize about smooching those sexy full lips of his... mmmmm.... running my hands down his sexy chest.... caressing those manly arms of his.... running my hands through his fine hair (ok, I'll stop now)

    Cryer is IT. He is HOT. Mooooove over, Charlie Sheen. You don't have to be the womanizing overgrown clown to be desirable (that's so old school anyway). I'll take Alan harper any day.