Jon Douglas Rainey





1/27/1970 , New Jersey

Birth Name

Jon Douglas Rainey




The resulting rush of stealing his first car is what started Jon on the path of becoming a feared thief. This incident led to other crimes and charges, ranging from breaking and entering to criminal mischief and theft. He has over at least 30 different counts of robberies under his belt before finally getting busted and landing up in jail. As punishment he preformed hundreds of hours of community service and payment of restitution, resulting in thousands of dollars. He knew he couldn't stop his criminal like behavior unless he found a new outlet to let off some steam: the military. This and the birth of his daughter, Brianna, set him on the right path. After having an honorable discharge from the Coast Guard, he started his own private-detective company. With the help of a few websites Jon found a call for the show It Takes A Thief and with his co-host, Matt Johnston, the show was a great success, teaching others the act of home security.