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Jon English is a veteran of Australia's (and overseas') music industry, television screen, and stage, making him one of entertainment's greats. Born in London, in 1949, Jon migrated to Sydney, Australia as a 12-year-old - in fact, he had his 12th birthday on board the ship. During the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jon has been performing with his son, Jon - they recently toured East Timor together. The son uses his mother's maiden name, Sora, to avoid some confusion.

    • Jon was offered a role in the classic Australian television show The Sullivans. He turned it down becuase he didn't want to get his hair cut.

    • If Jon hadn't been an actor/singer/songwriter, he believes he would have been a schoolteacher.

    • Jon's family have something about 'J'. Not only do Jon's 3 siblings have J names, his 4 children all start with J, as do his 3 grandchildren.

      Jon: (One grandson), his name is Jarwo, so we are running out of J's, believe it or not.

    • Jon's sibblings are Jill, Janet and Jeremy.

    • Jon has four children - two boys and two girls. Their names are Jessamine, Josephine, Jonathan and Julie.

    • Jon was 20 to get married; his wife was 19.

    • The ship Jon travelled on when moving to Australia was called The Orion.

    • Jon's wife is Carmen. They met in high school - she was a year below him. They married in 1969. Jon says "somehow we stayed married, which is mostly all of her work, not mine."

    • While living in England, Jon's father, Sidney, worked at the airport in air cargo. His mother, Sheila, did various things including working as a teacher, ambulance driver and hospital worker.

    • Besides those mentioned in his biography, Jon's stage career includes: Rasputin (1987), Big River (1988), Paris (1989/90), A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (1998/9), Are You Being Served (2001), Don't Dress For Dinner (2002), Bedside Manners (2003), and Dad's Army (2004).

    • For the original Victorian State Opera's Production of Pirates of Penzance, Jon won two Melbourne Drama Critics Greenroom Awards for Most Outstanding Actor.

    • As part of the team working on Paris, the stage musical, Jon won an ARIA for Best Cast Album.

    • Jon wrote and stared in the musical Paris. The concept for this show began as a prank in 1982, when he wrote a song "O, Paris" about the mythical hero of the Trojan War, rather than the French capital. He claims it was to see how many people actually listened to the words.

    • Jon's height is 6'2".

    • Jon stared in the critically-acclaimed musical A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. Produced by the same company (Essgee) as Pirates of Pinzance, Jon was onstage for 95% of the show.

    • Jon attended Cabramatta High School.

    • Jon English was the only credited actor (appart from members of the chorus) to appear in all 3 video versions of EssGee's Gilbert and Sulivan trilogy.

  • Quotes

    • (On moving to Australia)

      Jon: My dad's name is Sidney, and my mum's name is Shelia, as in 'a sheila', so that was a bit of an omen.

    • (In The HMS Pinafore)
      Jon: How should I know? I'm just the comic relief!

  • Jon English - Singer, stage actor and television actor and personality. Certainly a man of many and varied talents!

    I grew up with Jon English, the British-born singer during the 1970s and early 80s when he was a huge success here in Australia. Songs such as 'Hollywood Seven', 'Hold Tight', 'Six Ribbons' and 'Turn The Page', among many others, made Jon a pop idol in this country. His concerts were sell-outs and his ability to sing just as well live as he did on his albums and singles was certainly a big plus for his many fans.

    When he scored a major role in the stage production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and then, along with his singing career, the lead in the big-budget mini-series 'Against The Wind', Jon rode high on the wave of success while managing to maintain a happy and stable family life with his wife and daughters. His role of convict, Jonathan Garrett, in 'Against The Wind' gave him a whole new audience and the theme song, 'Six Ribbons', was a massive success across the world.

    His role of Bobby Rivers in the sitcom 'All Together Now' cemeted his place in Australian entertainment history. As I write this in 2010, Jon is still touring and delighting crowds with his music and strong stage presence. A terrific entertainer indeed.moreless
  • Man of many talents.

    Jon English is one of the best actors and musicians around. My introduction to Jon was Pirates of Pinzance, where he played The Pirate King. He was brilliant, funny, clever, and was able to give the character such a dumb sweetness that you had to love him. His interactions with the conductor were great, and when he broke character.... it was great.

    I was able to see Jon in the same role 8/10 years later, when they toured the show again. And once again he was great. Jon provides such realism to the characters he plays, such "comic relief" as he calls it. He lets the audience in, and bantars along with them. "I said 'everybody now'!"

    Jon is one of this country's greats. He is a talented actor and a talented musician (and very funny to boot).moreless