Jon-Erik Hexum

Jon-Erik Hexum


11/5/1957, Englewood, New Jersey



Birth Name

Jon Eric (no hyphen) Hexum


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Jon-Erik Hexum was only 26 years old at the time of his death, but has made a lasting impact on this world. He only starred in 2 television shows and 2 movies and yet to this day still has a devoted fan following. Many thought he was going…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • After his death Mr. Mullin, a teacher from Jon-Erik's high school created a scholarship: "In Memory of their classmate, Jack(Jon-Erik) Hexum, the Tenafly High School Class of 1976 has established a memorial scholarship fund given each year to the high school graduating senior(s) who has(have)demonstrated theatrical and/or musical talent and involvement during high school and who intend to pursue a career in or hope to continue their involvement in the arts". This was his way of paying a final tribute to his friend and one time student.

    • Jon-Erik registered as a voter in 1984 in Los Angeles County as a Republican.

    • Jon-Erik's favorite rock groups were Foreigner, Boston, The Go-Go's and Joan Jett.

    • Jon-Erik's favorite films were Rocky, Ordinary People, The Big Chill and The Deerhunter.

  • Quotes

    • Jon-Erik: I worry about not being a great actor. I'd hate to die young and never have made Grapes of Wrath. Life goes by so fast...I just don't want to miss out on anything.

    • Jon-Erik: The fun of getting older is not constriction of your world but its expansion. You understand more, therefore you can do more.

    • Jon-Erik: In college my senior thesis was on the right and responsibility of self-destruction. It was long. It basically said that we're all here for no reason and life's just a mistake and we're just going to die and have kids and they're going to die, and all that is life will do the same thing. If you realize how futile it all is and meaningless, then you must seize the right, should you wish to do so, to destroy yourself.

    • Jon-Erik: (About Cover Up) It's wildly commercial. I think it'll be very successful.

    • Jon-Erik: I like Philosophy. I was going to unlock the questions of the world: kind of purpose of life and if there's a God or not and all that kind of thing. After four years I didn't really care much more; I got a little fed up with it all. So much of it's very ambiguous and there's a lot of verbose philosophizing. It was interesting.

    • Jon-Erik: One of my strongest traits is confidence; at times I'm amazed at my confidence, even when it doesn't make sense that I should be.

    • Jon-Erik: (About football) After my sixth concussion and a second broken nose, I realized it wasn't working out.

    • Jon-Erik: The first football game I went to was when I first arrived at Michigan State. I saw the excitement on the field, the ABC Sports cameras, the network announcers and it was so damn exciting. I couldn't take just sitting in the stands, I had to play!

    • Jon-Erik: This industry is filled with good looking, out of work actors. You've got to go on thousands of interviews and contact an endless parade of agents to get into the business. If you're not willing to put in the effort, you might as well get into some other line of work because you're going to be miserable, disappointed and very hungry.

    • Jon-Erik:(About Voyagers) I like Phineas' character - part macho, part vulnerable - he's really a lot like me.

    • Jon-Erik: I'm an American; hot dogs and Coca-Cola and college football and all that stuff. I went to Norway once and they eat fish and cheese there all the time. I was starved for french fries!

    • Jon-Erik: I hated rock 'n' roll until I was a freshman in college. Now I like it a lot. I'd even love to be a rock star more than anything. I'd love to be Mick Jagger! That would be great fun.

    • Jon-Erik: I didn't have much when I came out here, I still don't. I have two pairs of jeans, one pair of boots. My first apartment near the beach was about the size of this trailer. I shared it with a Mexican busboy and a Cambodian kitchen helper. I did every crummy job in LA. In fact, we finished taping the pilot (referring to Voyagers) on March 29, 1982, a Monday afternoon. The next night I was at work as a bouncer at a topless club on Sunset Strip.

  • Even a brief glimpse of this star was better than nothing at all.

    As I stated in the biography I wrote for Jon-Erik, he was destined to be a great star. He touched many people with his looks, acting, sense of humor and his heart of gold. It was such an unfortunate tragedy that ended his life way too early. He was my first crush on a TV star. He beautiful blue eyes and charismatic ways, capture my attention at a young age. I watched Voyagers ever week with out fail. I watched his movie, The Making of a Male Model and I was sure he was the real thing. I think I may have fallen for him again when he began his role as Mac Harper on Cover Up. To this day, I have a warm place in my heart for Jon-Erik and still enjoy watching his shows.moreless
  • Jon Eric was the best looking man I have ever seen,charismatic,intelligent and self deprecating and very funny.His life cut short at 26yrs by a silly accident. Had he lived he would have been a huge star. Take a look at him on one of the many web sites.moreless

    How do you describe perfection? Of Norwegian parentage Jon eric or "Jack" to his friends was the epitome of a viking god with the most striking azure blue eyes and a voice that was unforgettable once you heard it, very deep bass for a white man. Even by todays standards no one has came close to Jon eric in either looks or charisma Jon eric was a mesmerising young man and from the few shows and movies he starred in it was evident he had a quickly rising talent. From information I have gathered he was known to be a very kind man, loved sport which gave him a body to die for, loyal to his friends, both serious and funny with a dynamic personality. If you watch his TV interviews, he was open, honest and down to earth even allowing the cameras to film his new home which was an ordinary little house that he had proudly bought as a foreclosure. He described himself as "cheap" with money and bought almost nothing opting to save his money as he had intended producing his own material. Once you see and hear Jon you never forget him.Buy his first TV show Voyagers! It was a historical action/adventure series and highly entertaining, worth it just to watch Jon on screen or go visit one of the many web sites dedicated to him. I am 37 now but I can still remember the first day I saw him on screen when I was 12!!talk about lasting impressions.moreless