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    Jon Favreau is one of the coolest actors out there. He's starred in so many cool films, but the only problem is that he seems to play the same character. That aside, Jon's sense of comedic timing is impeccable.
  • If Jon Favreau were a corporation, I would buy his stock in bundles.

    Jon is a refreshing bona fide talent in a Hollywood that too often, especially as of late, that celebrates the complete non-talent. I am speaking of such non-talents as Paris Hilton, The Rock...and if Omarosa sqeaks in and becomes the star she is so desperately trying to become, Hollywood will be doomed.

    Swingers of course is a classic for this generation. I thought Dinner for Five was such a brilliant concept because it allowed the viewer to, among other things, watch actors eat a real meal and talk at the same time without scripts. And for an actor to work without a script, that's where their flaws (or true talents) emerge. Look at Tom Cruise, without a script to read he is the biggest bore with a big empty toothy grin and an exagerrated nervous laugh.

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