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  • If Jon Favreau were a corporation, I would buy his stock in bundles.

    Jon is a refreshing bona fide talent in a Hollywood that too often, especially as of late, that celebrates the complete non-talent. I am speaking of such non-talents as Paris Hilton, The Rock...and if Omarosa sqeaks in and becomes the star she is so desperately trying to become, Hollywood will be doomed.

    Swingers of course is a classic for this generation. I thought Dinner for Five was such a brilliant concept because it allowed the viewer to, among other things, watch actors eat a real meal and talk at the same time without scripts. And for an actor to work without a script, that's where their flaws (or true talents) emerge. Look at Tom Cruise, without a script to read he is the biggest bore with a big empty toothy grin and an exagerrated nervous laugh.

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