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Jon Gosselin is best known from the TLC hit TV reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8. He met his wife Kate Kreider on October 5, 1997 at a picnic, and the two married on June 12, 1999. Their fraternal twin girls, Madelyn and Cara, were born on…more


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    • Jon Gosselin: (about Kate) I don't trust her anymore. I was abused…I changed for her, because I loved her, but don't forget who you are. That's what happened to me. I felt maybe I was too passive. Maybe I didn't stand my ground ten years ago. Maybe I didn't stick up for my kids. But it's gone. I can't get that back…maybe I should have kissed [the kids] more, you know? It's tough.

    • Jon Gosselin: I got married at 22, I had twins at 23, I had sextuplets at 27. Bye-bye 20's, you know? And then raising all those kids until your 30's, you don't think about what's going on around you. You just do what you gotta do to survive.

    • Jon Gosselin: I want my kids to be safe, healthy, and happy. I want my kids to be educated and have the best opportunities that they can have, and if we have to provide it through finances [from the show], let it be.

    • Jon Gosselin: I don't want to be America's anything. I just want to be me. I mean, just like it changed from "America's Favorite Dad" to "Dirtbag," tomorrow it could be "America's Favorite Dad" again. It could be after this interview. I don't know. Whatever they want to write, let them write it. They're gonna write it, anyway. I've learned that lesson.

    • Jon Gosselin: (about fixing his marriage) I tried, and if the other party isn't gonna help herself…I mean, I went to therapy. I learned about myself. If she's not gonna go to therapy, if she's not gonna fix herself, then it's not gonna work. It takes two people. I have a $22,000 therapy bill. I mean, I tried to have marriage counseling. I did it myself. She refused to go.

    • Jon Gosselin: In the beginning, I think I turned the bottle. I mean, I'm gonna be honest. I think I've turned the bottle a little more, but I watch, because my father was an alcoholic, and his father was an alcoholic, and my mom's father was, and I've been told from an early age, you gotta watch it, because it's hereditary. Have I gotten drunk before? Sure. But I've always watched that fine line.

    • Jon Gosselin: Would I [still] be married if I didn't do the show? I don't know. I don't know if I can answer that. Truthfully, I think we were a better team when we weren't on the show. I think we worked harder together for our family. I believe we relied on each other. We relied on God.

    • Jon Gosselin: (about Kate) Our relationship will never be fixed. I think she still wears the ring for public reception. I don't wear my ring because she took my ring...I laid it down one day, and it was gone. Who else would take it? I checked all underneath the kids' clothes. That's where everything else is in the house, anyway. It wasn't there.

    • Jon Gosselin: (about filming their show with his ex-wife) She has her film crew, and I have my film crew. But I can't sit on that sofa with that woman. I can't sit with someone I despise. I despise [Kate] because she's not speaking from the heart. Please. The stuff you tell me in private should be the stuff you tell me on TV.

    • Jon Gosselin: (about his marriage to Kate) I was verbally abused. I was beaten down. I was...she separated me from my family. I mean, she used to hold the kids over my head and say, you know, "Don't spend time with your mom. Spend time with your kids." Why can't I spend time with my mom and my kids together? I'm not going back to that lifestyle.

    • Jon Gosselin: (denying cheating on Kate in 2009) I never read a tabloid magazine until I was in one, and the first one I bought was the last one I bought, too...I don't care who believes me. I only know what I know, and Kate only knows what she knows...One day, my kids are gonna Google me, and I'm gonna have to explain myself. Hopefully, they'll be mature enough to understand that it was all crap.

    • Jon Gosselin: (in 2009 about separating from his wife) I let her rule the roost and do whatever she wanted, and now I'm standing up on my own two feet, and I'm proud of myself. I don't hate Kate, but...I have to do what's best for me and my kids, you know? Them first. But it's just hard to talk about.

    • Jon Gosselin: Being in the spotlight can be nice for a little while, but let me tell you something. If you ever want your privacy, forget it...there are soldiers dying in Iraq, and all people are worried about is what I'm having for lunch.

    • Jon Gosselin: (on rumors that his kids are being exploited) Exploited? I don't even want to use that word, because I think it's totally ridiculous. Maybe people should look that word up in the dictionary and learn what it means before they use it in headlines. We're a family that happens to be on TV, not a TV family. We have healthy, happy, well-adjusted, educated kids. They're bouncing around and having a good time. Kate and I have worked our hardest to raise them that way.

    • Jon Gosselin: (about life before his sextuplets were born) Life was great. I miss the family of four. And then...someone wanted to have "just one more." So I was like, "No, no, no, no. You know, I'm happy with the twins. Everything's perfect. The whole world is designed for four people." But anytime anyone decides to go ahead with infertility [treatments], you should expect two or three.

    • Jon Gosselin: (about doing Season 5 of "Jon and Kate Plus 8") I decided that it was to benefit the kids. I don't like the public life, but there are a lot of positives, obviously. The house, an education for our kids, the car, whatever. Material things.

    • Jon Gosselin: (in 2009) I can't just be Jon. I have to be Jon and Kate Plus 8. I still haven't come to grips with it...Kate's career is taking off, and I feel sort of lost.

  • Jon Gosselin think he is a nice guy just trying to make it. With an instant family, I'm sure it must be very hard for him

    I swear, I feel sorry for this poor guy. His wife is extremely rude to him. I don't think she likes him.The kids are cute. But what kind of negative impact is she showing to her kids and the public with her awful treatment of her husband.She seems much older than him.I know her job with caring for eight children is difficult, but so is Jon's. He can't seem to say or do anything to please her. She has told the kids on a couple of episodes to be kind, but I have not seen much kindness in her. Wow.

    I just wish she would try to put her own words into practice.moreless